Endorphin Alchem High-Performance Ribbon Power Strip

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SAA Performance Power Management

The Endorphin Alchem High-End Ribbon Power Strip incorporates the purist approach to power distribution. Offering further refinements to improve the performance of any component fitted with a properly designed power cable, enabling a much higher level of overall performance

Pure Power Performance
With the attention to detail you expect from SAA engineering and the appreciation for the most subtle impediments to pure sound, the “Alchem” takes power management to new levels. This enables performance improvements of each component individually culminating in a significant improvement in overall system performance. You will be amazed when you experience the reproduction of sound much closer to hearing a live musical event then you may have thought possible.

The market is flooded with power strips and conditioners which due to their design being so focused on aesthetic beauty further degrade the performance of audio/video systems. Many of these power strips and conditioners are marketed claiming much higher levels of purification than delivered. Without exception, these units do more harm than good.

Following hours of testing of products generally available, in all price ranges, we found that in every case the very well constructed, attractive and most expensive products delivered less than acceptable results. We incorporated our testing into virtually dozens of different headphone/audio/video system combinations to replicate the “limitless” configurations we see from the discerning audiophile we work with. We have been quite pleased with the results in every scenario when we replaced them with our Endorphin High-End Ribbon Alchem Power Strip.

It doesn’t really matter what we think if our customers can’t appreciate the difference.
For validation we conducted customer focus groups with our customers who were using the higher priced power strips and conditioners. The results were eye-opening! Replacing these devices with our Endorphin design, in virtually every case, opened up a whole new level of refinement in the bass, sound-stage, transparency and accuracy these systems delivered.

Every customer reported a refinement in the overall music/video presentation specifically noting a blacker background with better bass, mids and an increase in clarity and transparency.

The Endorphin High-End Ribbon Power Strip is available in custom lengths.

Please call 860-521-2563 or send an email to stefanaudioart@yahoo.com

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