Headphone Cables

We offer two distinctively different performance headphone cables. Our two product lines were developed to meet the needs of the professional audio engineer in the studio or the discerning audiophile in the home. Whether you choose the E-Series or the Endorphin, you will experience the highest level of performance your component can produce. The audio signal from the source will enable the headphone to produce rich sound with greater impact, clarity, definition and a level of realism unmatched by any other headphone cable in the world.

The E-Series

The E-Series retains the groundbreaking characteristics of our original Equinox audiophile headphone cable. The Equinox headphone cable, first released in 2002, validated our expectations and instantly garnered global critical acclaim and attention to the importance of proper signal delivery. The new E-Series incorporates a decade of R&D offering improved performance and comfort. For more detailed info click here. Shop E-Series

The Endorphin

The Endorphin raised the bar even higher; delivering sound quality that has created a new category in high performance. Customers describe the Endorphin as introducing a level of richness and pure musicality they have never experienced before with reproduced music. The Endorphin has unanimously won over even the most critical and discerning listener. For more detailed info click here. Shop Endorphin

Along with offering the highest quality, most technically advanced headphone system cables available, Stefan AudioArt is also committed to assisting customers by recommending detailed and innovative cost effective steps to headphone system improvement. We do this through a series of detailed email exchanges or phone conversations over a period of time depending on the customer’s goals. Equally important is the task of educating and informing the headphone user community regarding the latest headphone listening system advances and innovations. Call 1-860-521-2563 or send an email to stefanaudioart@yahoo.com for a detailed plan to achieve significant, cost effective improvements specific to your current system setup.