About Stefan AudioArt

You don’t have to spend much time with Stefan AudioArts Founder and Chief Engineer James Serdechny before you realize that sound occupies the space around him much the same as do the physical objects, whether animate and inanimate. Acknowledging the effect that just pure sound itself can have, regardless of the style it represents, and “nurturing” it for the most positive outcome is second nature to James and is demonstrated dramatically in his products.

It’s easy for people to take for granted the impact sound has on our lives. Yet it is rarely considered beyond its originator, generation or reproduction or the particular style. We’ll pay handsomely to see a live performance, visit a location or venue for its acoustics or even create a listening room or space to experience a particular sound, at its very best.

Surprisingly, even at the highest levels of appreciation, people will purchase a high end system or component and stifle its performance with poorly designed cables, inadequate vibration control and lack of attention to performance power management. Rarely tapping into the true High Fidelity it is capable of delivering, often unknowingly settling for a sub-par performance. The products James has created give us the ability to experience sound at the highest level possible.

James took an early interest in sound and became an audiophile and an expert in systems and sound reproduction before he began his engineering studies. This experience along with being a working musician around New England led very naturally to his work at Sennheiser as an Applications Engineer, which gave him hands on experience with arguably some of the best mass produced audio equipment in the world.

James’ attention to detail, formally rooted in engineering school, combined with his ability to hear and appreciation for the most subtle nuances in sound reproduction and experience as an artist and musician make him uniquely qualified. These qualifications enable him to create extraordinary results. Resume aside, it’s the impact, described by one industry expert as “delivering results which are anything but subtle”, that James has on equipment performance and ability to help customers realize the full potential in their equipment and a demonstrable return on their investment that keep SAA flooded with orders.

James designed cables for audiophiles and recording studios for many years, constantly tweaking and pushing the purity of the signal transfer to groundbreaking levels, continuously improving the depth, separation and clarity of the sound. James worked extensively with Sennheiser, HiFiMan, Audez’e, AKG, Beyerdynamic, B&W and Grado headphones for the better part of the last 30 years. As James created noticeable improvement in each area in the process the “weak links” became profound and it became quite apparent that manufacturer’s stock cables significantly degraded the headphone performance.

Following three years of research and development, design iterations too numerous to count and literally hundreds of hours of testing with infinite combinations of vendor products and component configurations the Stefan AudioArt line of headphone cables were born.
That was just the beginning. The innovative and groundbreaking work on signal transfer intuitively led to vibration control and performance power management. This further improved overall performance and sound quality to extraordinary levels.

Stefan AudioArt produces true high-end headphone cables handcrafted to the highest standard using constantly evolving innovative designs. Each cable and the associated connector undergo an extensive proprietary contact enhancing treatment before and after assembly. The process is designed to eliminate a majority of the degrading effects the non-conductive surfaces of the cable and connectors have on the audio signal. Thus, Stefan AudioArt’s internal and external cable designs and extensive connector modifications (including two options which eliminate the harmful effects of the connector shell all together – wood shells and the Alchem connector) perform at a level far beyond the performance of all the other “off the shelf” cables and connectors which are assembled in a DYI fashion by other manufacturers.

As a result, we offer two distinctively different performance headphone cables. Our two product lines were developed to meet the needs of the professional audio engineer in the studio or the discerning audiophile in the home. Whether you choose the E-Series or the Endorphin, you will experience the highest level of performance your component can produce. The audio signal from the source will enable the headphone to produce rich sound with greater impact, clarity, definition and a level of realism unmatched by any other headphone cable in the world.

The E-Series retains the best characteristics of the Equinox audiophile headphone cable and builds upon them offering improved performance and comfort. As a result the E-series offers the biggest step-up from the stock cable and considerably improves the headphone’s performance offering great balance with much deeper insight into the music along with increased clarity, definition and impact of bass, mids and high frequencies. The sound-stage will also significantly improve both in width and depth.
The Endorphin raised the bar even higher; delivering sound quality that has created a new category in high performance. Customers describe the Endorphin as introducing a level of richness and pure musicality they have never experienced before with reproduced music. The Endorphin has unanimously won over even the most critical and discerning listener.
If you are considering another aftermarket headphone cable and would like a detailed analysis of how it compares with any of our above lines of audiophile, high-end or ultra-high end cables, please submit an email or telephone inquiry to Stefan AudioArt. We will respond with a thorough examination based on our 30 years of experience researching, designing and implementing headphone system cables. In addition, we have extensive experience with all the top headphones at different price points and how they perform in various levels of headphones systems. If you are interested in detailed information regarding the specific performance of a particular headphone and/or how it compares with other headphones we are also prepared to send you objective and accurate information.

Along with offering the highest quality, most technically advanced headphone cable options for ultra/high-end headphones and headphone systems, Stefan AudioArt is also committed to assisting customers by recommending detailed and innovative cost effective steps to headphone system improvement. We do this through a series of detailed email exchanges or phone conversations over a period of time depending on the customer’s goals. Equally important is the task of educating and informing the headphone user community regarding the latest headphone listening system advances and innovations. Call 1-860-521-2563 or send an email to stefanaudioart@yahoo.com for a detailed plan to achieve significant, cost effective improvements specific to your current system setup.

Also, visit our Cable Tips page for a general approach to achieving increased performance from your new or existing equipment.

Stefan AudioArt is dedicated to the constant advancement of signal transfer systems with the unwavering mission to improve upon the state of the art and remain the leader in headphone system cable development.