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6Moons review of the Eddie Current Balancing Act with the Endorphin High-End Headphone Cable for the Audez’e
LCD-2 testimonial.

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Powerful performance from the Stefan AudioArt K1000 and WooAudio 5 at 6Moons.

France reports in on the amazing E-Series line of Stefan AudioArt Audiophile Headphone Cable –  GS1000, K701, K1000, HD650 and RS-1.   

Srajan Ebaen comprehensive comparison of the Stefan AudioArt E-Series HD650/600 and K1000 Audiophile headphone cable with the Cardas Cables in his extensive 6Moons Review.

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Wes Phillips connects his reference E-Series audiophile headphone cable to his HD650’s and examines portable high end sound with the Ray Samuels SR-71 at

Wes Phillips discovers a little audio wonder on Channel Island with his reference E-Series audiophile headphone cableand HD600’s at

Wes Phillips, xcan’t refuse the organic intensity of the HD600/E-Series /V3 combination at onhifi.

Wes Phillips provides his insight as he praises the flexibility and sonic presentation of the E-Series HD650/600/580Headphone cable in his features Gift Giving Guide

Wes Phillips selects the E-Series HD650/600/580 headphone cable to review the Sugden HeadMaster at 

Join Wes Phillips as he finds his desktop preference using his reference E-Series HD650/600/580 audiophile headphone cable at

Doug Paratore and his E-Series/HD650 combination unveil the RudiStor RP5.1 Headphone Amplifier at Soundstage!

With his E-Series reference headphone cable, Doug Paratore of Soundstage!, discovers an amazing blend of a detailed presentation, deep bass, and the enjoyable character of the HD650 headphones.

Follow Srajan Ebaen as the finds true inner peace at journeys end with the Stefan AudioArt Hardwired K1000 Audiophile headphone cable in his extensive 6Moons 

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The Stefan AudioArt gets a front row seat as it helps Srajan Ebaen audition the Ray Samuels Raptor and Stealthheadphone amplifiers.

Discover the E-Series HD650/600/580 headphone cable at the 21st with Francis Vale shock and awe for under $1000.00.

Srajan Ebaen of 
6Moons compares his reference E-Series HD650 headphone cable with the Moon Audio Blue and Silver Dragon in his comprehensive July 2004 headphone cable review.

Srajan Ebaen of 6Moons declares the E-Series HD650/600/580 and K1000 headphone cables winners over the Cardas cables in his latest Tube Headphone Amplifier review.

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Steven R. Rochlin of  Enjoythemusic offers his insightful and enthusiastic comments regarding the E-Series HD650/600/580 headphone cables’ aural performance.

Gary Krakow highly recommends the E-Series HD650/600/580 and K1000 headphone cables as he test drives Higher-end Headphones.