Endorphin High-End Umbilical Power Cable for the Eddie Current Balancing Act

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The Endorphin Ribbon Umbilical Power cable for the Eddie Current Balancing Act is a high end upgrade designed to globally improve the performance and complement the beautiful retro design of Craig Uthus. Interfacing the external power supply to the amplifier with the Endorphin offers very important improvements demonstrating the true capabilities of the Balancing Act. In addition to offering a blacker background exposing the listener to the subtle details of the recording it will also provide greater definition, clarity and presents in the bass, midrange and treble resulting in a rich, clear organic presentation.

High-end sound cannot be achieved by neglecting the quality of the power signal into a well designed component. Poorly designed power cables with heavy dielectrics and over designed connectors “pollute” the power which effects the overall performance of the component. The Endorphin power cable is designed to introduce the purist possible power signal to the component to optimize performance. If properly designed power cables and vibration control are incorporated into an audio system the global results will be far more significant than tube rolling as these two critical areas provide improvements to every aspect of the sound.

The Endorphin Ribbon umbilical power cable is made of an ultra-pure, extremely thin copper hybrid ribbon material consisting of the purest copper formulated with a proprietary superconductive material and incorporates an extremely efficient micro-dielectric material. We have removed 98% of the dielectric found in almost all of the high performance power cables available on the market. Stefan AudioArt’s combination of the specialized ribbon conductive surface formula along with the omission of most of the dielectric material (which dramatically pollutes the signal), results in music which is much more organic and real with a significant improvement in clarity, detail, soundstage and bass. Most importantly, the true sonic tube signature the Balancing Act is capable of delivering will be heard.

Power Cables are very critical to the performance of each component in a headphone/audio system and significantly effect the quality of the music they produce. Most power cables are poorly designed and only provide minor improvements. Many have been mislead by this and turn away from upgrading this crucial area.  Another very important fact is that power conditioners will degrade the quality of the sound due to the fact that they do more harm than good to the power signal. Power conditioners add a considerable amount of resistance (resistance equals degradation in sound quality) to the power signal which will degrade the sonic performance of each component in the system.

Adding an Endorphin Ribbon power cable to the power supply and one for the source used in your system will considerably improve the performance the Endorphin Umbilical power cable offers the Balancing Act. The complete Endorphin ribbon power cable set will be one of the biggest improvements you will make to your amplifier and we stand behind this by offering a 30/60 day money back guarantee which includes the shipping charge both ways.

TIP: Removing the power conditioner(s) from your system and replacing it with an Endorphin Alchem Ribbon Power Strip will result in a very significant upgrade in sound if used in conjunction with the Endorphin Umbilical and IEC Power Cables. For more information see Power Cables and Power Strips in our Products Categories.

The Endorphin High-End headphone cable is available in custom lengths. Please call 860-521-2563 or send an email to stefanaudioart@yahoo.com.

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  1. Sorry For the long delay answering your question. We still make the Endorphin K1000 tail end extension cable if you are interested let us know.


    Luke Lavano
    Associate Engineer

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