Endorphin High-End Alchem XLR Ribbon Interconnects


  1. I was using an expensive cord on my amp and found one of your cords in my cable bin. I was using your stuff on everything else and forgot this cord was even there. Put it into my rig and it was like fuck me. My system went from blah to “oh my god”. I didn’t realize what a choke that other cord was. It was a transformative change. I wasn’t sure where the problem was. I was about to sell my Rethm speakers for fuck sake. I knew my system could sound a ton better. And I was messing around with everything but that cord. Your cord just made my day and saved me countless iterations through figuring out the problem. There was a cloud and bloat over everything. It sounded good, just not great. Well, this cord has let the music flow. Better clarity, longer decays, better defined bass, music that pulses front to back and side to side in a really elastic way. Basically, all good, zero bad. And when I say zero, I mean nothing.

    For my sonic tastes, your cords and ic’s have defeated EVERYONE. I haven’t tried everything, but I’ve had some expensive stuff cycle through here.

  2. The Endorphine cables (headphone cable for Senn 800S and XLR interconnects) arrived Nov. 5th, election day in fact. So they’ve been in use since then, and I think it is time for feedback now.

    To cut things short – I was blown away by the improvement from the first minute on. Now I could reiterate what others have said, like incredibly precise bass, natural sweet treble, excellent soundstaging, but it is not just this that makes these cables so special. First of all they really allow the superb Phonitor xe preamp to fully realize its potential, resulting in a musical presentation that is incredibly detailed and natural without being fatiguing or over-analytical. What I admire most is that these cables have an uncanny ability to recreate the live atmosphere of a recording venue, giving breathing space and ambience to instruments and voices. Schubert’s great C-major symphony recorded live at the Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein – I was in the audience then, and I swear listening to it now precisely recreates the acoustics and the athosphere of this evening. Provided the recording itself is a perfect one, the effect is breathtaking. Same with Ars Antiqua Austria’s recording of Biber’s Rosenkranz Sonatas – the intimate acoustics of the 500-year-old Hallstatt parish church comes alive with utmost clarity, warmth and precision. Any good recording truly gives sheer delight with the Endorphines, so that for mw for the the first headphone listening gives the same satisfaction as listening via the loudspeaker chain and is no longer second choice for late-night listening.

    Fantastic product worth every dollar – but last week I said to myself human beings don’t have much of an acoustic memory, maybe I was betraying myself that the difference to the previous cables wasn’t that dramatic after all. So I went for a quick back comparison, reinserting the Senn stock cable and the old RCA interconnects. The result was so shockingly frustrating that I cannot imagine anyone denying what difference in quality these cables provide unless this person is profoundly deaf.

    Feel free to use this feedback for any purposes – the cables have been worth the long wait!

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