Endorphin High-End Alchem XLR Ribbon Interconnects

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The Endorphin High-End Alchem XLR Ribbon Interconnects combine our many years of refining a signal transfer device to meet the specific requirements of a headphone/audio playback and record system and are a pure and accurate way to transfer an audio signal from component to component. The combination of a specialized proprietary ultra-pure copper ribbon conductive formula, micro – dielectric and extensive proprietary multistage electro-chemical treatments, result in a signal transfer device that reveals excellent bass, mid-range and upper frequencies while opening up the sound-stage and exposing the listener to the subtle inner details of the music.

Construction: 2/3-conductor ultra-thin/pure proprietary copper ribbon hybrid conducting surface. The Endorphin interconnects incorporates unique proprietary Alchem shell eliminated xlr connectors which transfer the audio signal in the purest fashion due to the elimination of the heavy wall stock shells.  The Endorphin IC is carefully assembled with our special handcrafted process which incorporates the use of the absolute minimum amount of non-conductive and secondary conductive material and undergoes a complex post multi-treatment procedure to further lower the resistance the cable imposes on the signal.

Sonic Performance: used in conjunction with our E-Series or Endorphin headphone cable the user will experience a balanced, open and transparent sonic signature with over all improvements in the bass definition, warmth of mid-range along with excellent soundstage characteristics. Specifically, headphone performance will elevate revealing deeper, punchier bass, richer more natural midrange and display the true transparency of upper frequencies with a noticeable increase in vocal clarity. In addition, the user will experience an increase in definition and impact allowing a closer association with the recorded material.

The Endorphin High-End headphone system cables is available in custom lengths.

Please call 860-521-2563 or send an email to stefanaudioart@yahoo.com.


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