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“I wanted to tell you that yesterday I went to a friend’s house who bought the new Focal Utopia, and I decided to bring my modded Senns with me. I was really amazed to listen to them side by side (Utopia and modded HD800), and it was amazing how my modded HD800 blew the Utopias away in every level. The sound was much more transparent, more neutral, quicker and with much better detail. And we’re talking about a $4,000 model. My friend also had a stock HD800, which I also tried, and they were even worse than the Utopia. Strange as it may seem, all this time I had never had the chance to compare my Senns modded by you, with the stock ones. I guess it’s fair to say that the stock Utopia beat the stock HD800, but none of them comes close in their stock form to the HD800 modded by you with the endorphin hard-wired.” Juan G.

“A favorite phrase of high end dealers seems to be that this or that piece of esoteric equipment will make a difference “that is not subtle.” Usually true: sometimes I can hear no difference at all, much of the time the improvement is slight, rarely is it dramatic. Your Sennheiser cables belong in the third category. The word that comes forward all the time when listening is “pure.” Pure sound without all the extraneous baggage that usually accompanies the sound. I could hardly believe that a “mere cable” could make that much difference. With all my work on improving other elements in the sound chain, the weak link introducing tons of garbage was the headphones cable. Again and again, CDs that I could barely listen to before have now become a joy. Violins sound like violins, period. Out of the box, the ensemble, full fff sound had a slight harshness, slight but present. Now, after less than a week of playing, that harshness is 90% gone. In a word, these cables have improved my system — no, improved the quality of the classical music I listen to — far more than I believed possible. Thank you.”

“Just finished burning in the E-Series cable for my HD600 and with the mods you suggested I absolutely love the performance!”

“Hello James. Just had to drop you a quick email to say how good it ‘sounds’ to be re-united with my Endorphin cable – well worth the wait, which only served to highlight the short comings of the HD800 stock cable! Thank goodness for your cables which really allow the headphones to fulfill their full potential. Thank you again for your second to none after sales service which is a credit to you and a pleasure for me to use.”

“Endorphin for the HE-6 – incredible!!! – so articulate, great bass, fast, smooth and natural – blows away my Stax!!!”

“Package arrived and everything was perfect. And it’s a funny thing – first listen and stereo was much better, but the difference was not significant in other aspects. It expired a week later and … I don’t know, maybe I began to really listen or maybe – I don’t know how to say it in English – Your cable requires a burn-in time (time to sound really good). One way or another now the Endorphin HD650/600 headphone cable is simply superb. At last Sting on Soul Cages (A&M Q-Sound) began to sing and not squeal. Beautiful Ricochet by Tangerine Dream on Japanese press sounds like the music can be touched and tasted etc… Beautiful work – congratulations.”
“Just received the HiFiman HE-5LE headphones and cold out of the box they clearly are in a league above the Senn 650’s. Especially like the bass-mid-treble coherence and extension- nicely balanced to my liking. Also, much more ‘you are there’ presence vs. the usual in-your-head hp effect. No obvious sacrifice of bottom-end vs. Senns either. I can already hear that the voicing is similar to the Senn 650, as you suggested. Clamping force a bit tight to start but can tell not like the 650’s and trust they will loosen. finally, the Anedio not having any problem driving the load. Thanks for the recommendation – your response to my price/performance spec appears to be spot on”

“Got the Endorphin for my Audez’e! The sound performance is fantastic!”

“With your Endorphin from my Mclntosh power amp to my HE-6 headphones I’ve discovered the most wonderful sound which has put me front row center stage at the best concert halls across America. Whether the billing is Jazz or Classical the performance is top notch and now the HE-6 connected to the Endorphin bring to my ears a exquisite combination of true live sound in an acoustically perfect environment!”

“Man! I just wanted to let you know how dull and lifeless my P5’s were before upgrading to your E-Series cable. Great look and sound, Thanks.”

“Several years ago I discovered how much cables can influence system sound. I struggled for years trying to get the “perfect sound” with expensive component upgrades all which came up short until I purchased your Equinox cable for my HD650’s. It was the perfect solution and nothing else was necessary. My recent acquisition of the LCD-2’s and your Endorphin headphone cable has proven to be even more influential on the LCD-2’s performance and system sound as a whole. Wonderful gains in clarity, depth and impact with a great sense of realism which really immerses me intensely into the music. What you accomplished with this cable has earned my respect………PS: I’d tried the ALO LCD-2 upgrade cable and it falls flat in comparison.”

“THANK YOU!! I just got the E-Series for my HD650….. it feels/sounds SO GOOD. THANK YOU for making this.”

“My P5 headphones have come alive with your E-Series headphone cable and I could not be happier with this purchase. This is the biggest step up in sound quality I have ever experienced from a cable.”

“I’m so impressed with your Endorphin headphone cables for my HD800 and HE-5 LE headphones that I just had to send you a quick note. They replaced the ALO headphone cables I was previously listening with and now I understand how inferior these cables are. The Endorphins are far superior to the ALO’s offering much greater dynamics and transparency with a deep, wide soundstage and the added sensation of richly textured tones of both voice and instrument and that makes listening such a pleasure!”

Your Endorphin for the Audez’e LCD-2’s is like going from a Smart Car to a Porsche and the application of your Endorphin power cable set to the system was like getting a complete tune-up as the sound has gone from rough and edgy to smooth and detailed. I love the ride now. Great products….Thank You!

“Haven’t let you know that I’ve been running in the cable everyday since I picked it up last minute on the last day of last year. I didn’t want to make any comment because I found that the cable experience very different characteristics during the first 10 days or so. from bass heavy to treble harsh bass light. It finally settled down and I am now happy to say, it’s a very good cable. as good as advertised, transformed my hd800. Well done James! I will write some impression on the major Chinese headphone club forum once time frees up.”
“A few weeks ago I order the E-Series for my HD600’s based on many positive Equinox reviews and comments I found on the internet. I could not be more pleased with the improvements. Prior to my purchase, I had entertained upgrade cables from ALO, Cardas, Apuresound etc. all which made there way to Audiogon in a fairly quick fashion. But right from the start and even before break in, I heard a very detectable signature of realism in the music. The HD600 now had much greater depth, clarity and a distinctly full, organic characteristic I never experienced with any other headphone cable before. I also managed to pick-up a used Equinox and was also very impressed. It does not have the clarity and ability to go as deeply into the music as the E-Series, but it has many of the for mentioned attributes and makes a very fine cable for portable use. I’ll contact you after the new year to engage in your headphone system upgrade process. Thanks for offering a cable that is so effective and truly leaves me with the feeling it was money well spent.”

“I just wanted to write back and thank you again for all that I have learned from you in the past couple of months. The process you took me through upgrading my system was so enlightening and enjoyable. The combined changes you proposed had a huge impact on the quality of sound. I truly was not aware listening to music with headphones could reach such a high level revealing impact, definition,
and dynamics. Now I understand that headphone and power cables were a large part of the problem. Prior to your process, I mainly
used the Head-fi site as my source of information concentrating on their featured headphone cable products. In turn, and as you also mentioned, this was the stumbling block as all the cables offered very little improvement along with introducing a variety of new problems related to balance, clarity, soundstage and musicality. Well, finally I’m at the place I want to be. My system is well balanced with phenomenal sound from the HD800’s and the Endorphin cable. And as you indicated, is made even better with all my components fueled by a pure power signal delivered by the ribbon power cables. Thanks for your patience, honest and effective recommendations.”

“The application of you Endorphin cable set to my system has worked out to a much greater benefit than anticipated! I expected improvement but what I experienced was a new dimension of sound which I never expected from the headphone medium. I even went as far as isolating each cable of the set noting the impact of each improvement and although very noticeable, the real excitement was is the combined improvement brought about by the whole!”

“I’m glad my friend recommended your headphone cable as he was spot on in his description of how greatly my HD600’s would improve. He also was thoughtful enough to steer me away from all the other headphones cables featured on Head-fi as he explained they are poor options in comparison and promoted because of the revenue received by HF from the cable makers via sponsorship fees. Makes sense, as I A/B-ed your E-Series with several of the ones featured and was happy to experience how much better my HD600’s performed in comparison. Thanks for a true high performance headphone cable!”

“Hello, hope you are fine. The Endorphin HD800 WS headphone cable is great. I now have fantastic sound quality and there is still more
burn-in to go.”

“Man you guys have come a long way from the days of the Equinox cable!!! Your new Endorphin for the HD600’s is something else by which I mean it takes these phones to a level of incredible performance. The background is now “pure black” and I’m hearing
all the great details of music without the hard to describe characteristics that degrade the sound. I’ve tried Cardas, ALO, Moon Audio and just about every other cable and not one has come close to the Endorphin. In conclusion, mating the HD600 with the Endorphin is
a top shelf combination and money well spent as this combo performs as well if not better than the best of the best.”

“Superbly built with performance enhancing qualities for my HD650 headphones I never thought would be realized, your E-Series headphone cable upgrade has changed my listening experience to one of great pleasure. thank you.”

“Holding the Endorphin headphone cable in my hand it exudes fine, detailed hand made workmanship. Connecting it to my Audez’e LCD-2’s it conveys performance like I’ve never experienced from a cable change! As for your Endorphin power cables, they have increased component performance ten- fold! Thanks for the great products and direction to truly effective and system correcting upgrades.”

“Hi James, the Endorphin ribbon power cable has been broken in for 5 days. It magically balanced my system even at the first second I plug it in. I can easily tell this drastic change without any necessity of AB compare. It is hard to believe such a light and flexible cable can make that “big” a difference in the overall sound!”

“Absolute MAGIC!!!! That is my experience upgrading my HD650 cable from the ALO to your Endorphin. In my numerous A/B tests the ALO falls flat as the Endorphin reveals superior detail, soundstage and most importantly deep punchy bass. Headphone listening with this level of realism is extremely enjoyable. Can’t thank you enough for this fine product.”

“OMG I do not know what I was thinking using the Cardas all these years and not checking out your E-Series HD600 cable. IT IS AMAZING!!!! This headphone cable performs so well it’s like I just bought a HD600 headphone re-designed by Sennhesier that corrected every complaint I had about these cans. Wonderful job and an example of truly effective engineering.”

“Everything arrived today! The Endorphin HD800, Power and Balanced Interconnect cables are astonishing, I have never heard the 800’s sound so good. Thanks so much.”

“In the grand arena of audio upgrades, I have reported back to let you know your Endorphin headphone system cables – HD800, power and IC cables are champions! Your helpful advise has open me up to a very satisfying level of pure music.”

“Thanks for all the good advice. After replacing the cable, my 650 sounds like a new headphone. While initially dubious about the value of the cable, I can’t imagine going back to the stock cable. Maybe someday I will be able to afford your higher end cables.”

“Hello James, Sorry for keeping silence for so long. I was busy getting the full taste of using the Endorphin cable after some burn-in period. In general the effect of using the Endorphin with my Sennheiser HD600 appeared to be much higher than I have expected. HD600 demonstrated incredible improvement in every detail after rewiring. The highs has become very detailed, crystal clear and full of air. And no unpleasant or fatiguing feel even for long period of listening! Mids have brought singers’ voice in a natural and full bodied way. The bass appeared to look a little light weighted predominantly due to more detailed and deep character. Overall I understood my Creek amp needs to be upgraded as it cannot fully support the new level of HD600 performance ability. Another idea is to try your interconnect for wiring my CD player with the headphone amp. I will get in touch with you in a while on that. Thank you for your great product and support.”

“Hi, I just wanted to let you know I have had great results with your Endorphin Power cable I bought about a year ago (and just ordered another one). I posted a review on head-fi in the Amps forum here: Thank you for this great product.”

“With an exceptional product and excellent customer services, what more could this audio nut ask for. Love your E-Series for my 600’s!”

“Man you guy’s aren’t kidding, the stock cable was destroying the sound of my HD800’s. Even before full break-in these cans are smoking with the E-Series attached. I’ve never heard better sound from a headphone with this upgrade!”

“The search ended for a true high-end headphone experience just after I connected your Endorphin headphone cable to my HD800’s. Clean, detailed with wonderful midrange and bass. What more can I say, I’m in headphone heaven.”

“The Endorphin is a true high-end headphone cable. Everywhere you turn you see other manufactures using this term and it couldn’t be further from the truth. On the other hand, I’ve never experienced such realism in the music until I connected your Endorphin cables to my HD800’s and 600’s. I could go on and on in great detail but let me just say my jaw is still touching the floor”

“Hi James, I got the Endorphin today. It only burn-in for 3 hours now, but the result is awesome! I can not say enough, it is just the music! Thank you so much for your help and outstanding creation!”

“Aside from your headphone cables being beautifully made and offering upgraded performance to my cans that is just so splendid, I had to drop you a note commending your operation in terms of customer service and expertise. I can’t remember when I experienced such prompt replies along with a wealth of detailed recommendations and careful advise.”

“Hi James, Thanks for the info again. The cable arrived today. It’s amazing. My HD25s have not left my head. I am seriously impressed. Keep up the amazing work.”

“Bravo, not only does your new Endorphin HD800 cable look great but it performance as specified giving birth to how a top shelf headphone should sound!”

“James, based on how effective your Endorphin headphone cable is with my HD650’s, my suspicions are you are ahead of your time with your designs. As I was, I think most users are expecting a really good looking cable that performs like say a Cardas. After first listen and long before break-in, it is realized the Endorphin means business going far beyond the entire group of other headphone cables options which are by comparison run of the mill sound quality wise . Moving to your headphone system cables, the power and IC cables take it to an even higher notch and I’m not sure I can go back to listening to speakers.” Have you any cable designs to cure my monitors?”

“Dear James S Serdechny, I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic cables, that you are creating!! A long time passed, but I was patient. Just now I installed them to my Grado PS-1000 and Ultrasone E8. Installation was no problem for me, following your comprehensive instructions. Everything turned out to be quite easy. But the sound!!!! WoW!!! I know what difference a cable can make to the sound (I use 99,99% pure platinum wire as phono cables and I/C in my system) but I was taken aback!!! I haven’t expected SUCH a difference with your cables!!! Thank You, that is a great product You are building!! Best regards”

“Thank you! You really know your business as the implementation of your headphone system improvement plan has set a new standard for me which is a level of excellence I never deemed possible. Things REALLY changed with your headphone, power and interconnects cables, like going from a Toyota to a Ferrari! Now back to the autobahn.”

“Just writing you back to thank you. You were quick on the horn, firing back detailed answers to my questions and your cables really do speak for themselves. As you indicated, I am experiencing major changes in the sound with the addition of the Endorphin for the HD800’s, but the real shocker were the power cables. I was skeptical that they would have as much influence as you indicated but I was wrong. Very satisfied with your service and products.”

“I’ve been dabbling in expensive audio equipment for as long as I can remember and I can testify that your Endorphin system cable set has put listening to recorded music with headphones on the high-end map. Now listening with the HD800’s is strikingly close to my Sonus Faber’s and I’m catching details in the music never before heard.”

” I truly did not believe the change for the better after connecting your Endorphin power cables for my components. I’m impressed and perplexed at the same time but most importantly I’m grateful for your honesty and tremendous patients with my many inquires.
I am truly convinced Stefan AudioArt is dedicated to offering the best solutions which ultimately leads the customer to their desired goal. Many thanks”

“The stock cable of my Sennheiser HD800 was recently replace with your Endorphin WS and the gains in the overall performance have been substantial. Gone is the over emphasized treble (which was the biggest problem I had experienced with the HD800) and what is left to enjoy is pure playback magic as I did not have to make any other changes to my system. The Endorphin has exceeded all my expectations of a single system upgrade and has made it possible to become totally emerged in the music with the pleasant feeling I’m in a live music setting. ……PS the Endorphin feeding my 800’s now surpasses my speaker performance which I have invested four times the amount of money and that says a lot about your wonderful design insight.”

“After removing the Cardas and connecting the E-Series to my HD650’s, I haven’t been able to get enough sleep as I can’t pull away from the music I’ve missed using the Cardas all these years. What a difference as the E-Series adds magic to the music heard through the 650’s. The instrument presents sends shivers through my body and I feel as
if I’m in the front row seat of a live concert. Your cable is worth every penny – thanks.”

“Hello from France! Purchased your Endorphin cable for my HD800 and enjoying the spectacular sound never before experienced from other headphones in my large high end collection. Could not be happier with the performance, comfort and look this cable displays.”

“To find a company such as Stefan AudioArt making products that are made and perform so incredibly well was a God send. The component upgrades and tube rolling I’ve done in the past did not compare to the incredible results I achieved with the Endorphin power/ IC cabling, E-Series HD650 headphone cable and mapleplatforms. Your passionate advise and help through the entire process is rare and unique dimension and I have greatly appreciate this – thank you.”

“Your Endorphin balanced ribbon interconnect is a masterpiece! It is wide open, clean with an abundance of well balanced bass, smooth mid-range and the most actuate upper-end I’ve ever heard from any IC even ones I’ve used costly 5 times the price.”

“I “toned-up” and read the Tone Audio review of your Equinox (now apparently the E-Series) HD650 headphone cable before my purchase and delighted to report they were right on the mark. The E-Series blows away the Cardas and much more than the review indicated! Nice design. Now I’m seriously looking at your power cables and interconnects to further improve what your headphone cable started.”

“In my 23 years of enjoying top audio components your Endorphin high-end headphone system cable set is at the forefront of my most memorable upgrades. My Grado PS-1000 absolutely sing and all my complaints regarding the musical presentation are that of the past as this cable set has made what I thought impossible – possible.”

“I need 3 more power cords and 1 IC. Your stuff absolutely rocks……… I couldn’t be happier with the sound from your stuff. Your IC’s have beaten Crystal Cable, Shindo and ASI Livelines in my set-up. I had the Omega Mikro stuff before but it was way too lit-up on top. Not quite sure why your IC’s don’t suffer the same problem.”

“I am happy to report back that my Grado RS-1 are now singing so sweetly with the Endorphin high-end headphone cable. These beautiful headphones can do no wrong with your Endorphin attached listening to the wide range of collected recorded music I own. The excitement and pleasure of listening to all my old records is back and I’ll be back soon for a re-cable of my PS1000’s.”

“It has been quite awhile since I have experienced a product which has such a positive influence in the performance of my system. The Stefan AudioArt Endorphin has provide the proper balance to my GS1000’s with an added richness in sound I did not think existed. Happy to be a customer and experience the benefits of such an effective product.”

“As a long time fan of Grado RS-1 headphone I decided to incorporate your new Endorphin headphone cable option as one of the several upgrades towards a new headphone system. This upgrade has proved so important that I have redirected my plans towards upgrading the cables in my system instead of changing components. I will contact you in the coming months for specific instructions on upgrading my power and IC cables. Thanks for the sincere and well crafted recommendations which are going to save me a lot of money and most importantly will deliver a much high level of fidelity.”

“My Grado PS1000 are out of this world with the upgrade to your Endorphin high-end headphone cable! The balance and transparency of sound is nothing short of astonishing. The Endorphin has proved to be the most important upgrade I have ever experienced in a headphone system environment. Thanks for engineering a product that provides true sonic inspiration.”

“Uninspired by my new Sennhesier HD800 headphones I went to the web to search for a possible solution and can across you site. Purchasing both a VOICE and Endorphin for my single set of 800’s, I was so stunned to discover how your headphone cables hit the mark that I ended up purchasing another set of 800’s to enjoy in my bedroom system. Thanks for great aftermarket products that perform extremely well and provide an exciting dimension to music which I have never experienced before.”

“I’ve been so anxious to write back to you after experiencing the great boost in sound quality with the addition of the Stefan AudioArt E-Series headphone cable for my HD600’s. This cable really provides serious improvements and I just can’t stop going back to all my favorite recording to listen as each sounds so much better as if I was hearing them for the first time on a very sophisticated system.”

“Your master plan for headphone systems is turning out to be quite an epic event as the combination of each step has opened up a new found level of sonic bliss. Instruments and vocal passages now sound so real like the musicians are performing live right in front of me. The Endorphin HD650 headphone cable, power cables and IC’s along with Mapleshade platforms for my components are now the most important aspects of my system. Without these essential workings, I would still be hearing lackluster sound form a very good set of components.”

“The combination of stellar workmanship and stunning sound quality of your VOICE headphone cable has made my musical experiences with the Sennhesier HD800 headphones an absolute joy.”

“I am still working on the detailed headphone system improvement plan you sent me a few months ago and so far I am very impressed with the results. The E-Series HD650 headphone cable was a great start as it really does provide an extensive and complete refinement to their performance which I could now never live without. Thanks for offering a product that performs as no other headphone cable I’ve tried has come close to the E-Series performance and providing me with such comprehensive help towards overall system improvement.

“What a great addition the Endorphin headphone cable is to my Denon 7000’s. The purity of sound delivered through these beautiful headphones is astonishing! Everything aspect of the music is refined to such a high level and I never suspected a headphone cable upgrade could provide such a big jump in sound. My headphone listening is now on the same level as my Sonus Faber’s. The same holds true with my K701’s with your newly installed Endorphin, I just can’t say enough great things about the performance.”

“If it wasn’t for your long a very detailed email responses to my questions which contained excellent tips improving the performance of my Sennhesier HD600’s and accompanying gear, I would not have made the investment in upgrading my power cables to your Endorphin’s. These babies are the real deal as they have breathed new life into my system. They have provided strong, smooth bass and lifted the veil from the top to bottom. Best of all, the mid-range the 600’s now deliver is just outstanding. Your Endorphin power cables truly do offer a great performance upgrade and are so well designed I now do not have to battle with big heavy power cables that only offer minuscule sonic improvements.”

“The Sennheiser HD800 with your E-Series audiophile headphone cable has a synergy unlike any of the other cable upgrades I’ve tried. The improvements are not subtle and the extra money spent is very well justified. You offer a great product along with excellent advise and I am grateful for your honest and patient approach.”

“I was so overwhelmed by your Endorphin HD800 headphone cable after completing my own headphone cable shoot-out. Your verbal description of what I would expect was honest and dead accurate. The Endorphin is in a league of its own as headphone cables by ALO, Cardas, Moon Audio, Hyperion, Oracle etc. are all poor performers in comparison as none of them deliver distinct, pure, airy music through the HD800’s. In addition to the Endorphin’s advanced performance, it displays a superior look and feel like no other cable I have ever used.”

“Your Endorphin for the HD800 headphones is quite amazing striking-up a wonderful balance with sound so pure I never would have expected this level of performance from a headphone setup. The accompanying application of the mapleshade platforms and your Endorphin power cables just makes it even better with greater transparency, dynamics and realism. These steps you recommended improved my rig 100% and I am very thankful for your honest, thoughtful approach which is unique and most importantly the best advise I have ever implementing.”

“Arrived yesterday and the E Series HD650 has made the listening experience much more enjoyable. First thing that jumped at me was the cable ‘centered” the stage much more. I had thought the stock sound was off a little left and using the E Series no such balance issue, in addition of course to a much deeper heavier bottom and better sparkle in the top end. I have only 5 or 6 hours on it but the sound is what I was looking for – if it gets any better I won’t get much sleep.”

“After two week of blissful listening with the two Endorphin PC’s replacing my old PC’s, I am still in awe at the improvements in detail, clarity and openness of sound. Wonderfully effective product and one I never would have looked to for such hardy improvements.”

“The cables are great ( Endorphin K702 and E-Series HD650) and not even broken in yet. I cannot described in audiophile terms but everything is opening up. Can’t wait to hear them broken in and with my new gear.”

“What a nice improvement you guys have made to the E-Series HD650. The new soft look and feel is great and the music is more transparent and exciting than my older Equinox with the HD650. I’m hearing things that I just did not hear in the recordings before and everything just seems more musical and enjoyable. I’m impressed and admire your approach to continue the enrichment of what was already a great product.”

“Pleased to say I took delivery of my new HD800 cable on Friday and my initial thoughts are good. Very good. The physical appearance and build of the cable really are first class, as was the packaging for shipping. Sonically the cable provides everything the stock cable lacked. The at times painful, dominant treble has been tamed and taught tuneful bass can now be heard in the recordings. The best comment I can make is that it makes me want to revisit all the music in my collection to hear the recordings as they should have been when I first had the headphones. Unfortunately for the last good few weeks I have had to deliberately steer clear of certain CDs that tend to be ‘bright’ as I knew the stock cable would be producing treble to make me wince should the volume be turned up. Everything your website claimed regarding the cable’s performance has certainly proved correct and I am pleased to have made this choice over other alternatives. Thank you for your excellent customer service and a product to match. I am hoping to have many years happy listening with the new headphones and cable so I am unlikely to be ordering further goods from you for a long time. You will however be highly recommended to anyone I come across looking to get better performance form their own Sennheiser’s.”

“I thought I would let you know that the cable was delivered yesterday, thanks for your excellent communication and shipping.”

“The impact of the numerous improvements the E-Series has had on my Sennheiser HD800 listening endeavors is nothing short of astronomical! Stunning NATURAL detail, smooth captivating midrange and full solid bass all which fulfill my demanding requirements for perfect headphone delivery. It is plain to see you have put a lot into this cable as the look and feel just make it all the better. Can’t thank you enough for your exceptional product.” PS. the 800’s would have been returned if I had not given your cable solution a try.

“You guys have always been about quality and great sound. I found that out years ago as I’ve been using the Equinox with my HD600’s with wonderful results! Now with my purchase of the Senn. HD800’s I knew just where to turn to fix the disappointing sound of these beautiful new flagship headphones. Shocking thing is I never expected the level of improvement from your Endorphin cable which has resulted in performance far beyond the HD600/Equinox combo. Thanks and any news on a new cable for the AKG K1000’s?”

“Just had to send you this brief email. I received the Endorphin cable this afternoon. Now I must say that hearing the HD 800’s after the GS1000’s and HD 650’s was a revelation. Even straight from the box I could have lived with the sound without further complaint, so I really was not prepared for, or expecting the utter transformation that took place after I connected the Endorphin cable. The sound is truly heavenly, and neither unit is ‘burnt’ in yet! Congratulations on developing such a wonderful product. I will comment further in a few weeks, after the run in period.”

“Although I’ve used headphones for years as my primary source of audio entertainment, the purchase of the Sennhesier HD800 headphones was my introduction to the world of high-end listening – so I thought. With the many agreeable aspects of this flagship headphone I was very disappointed with the overall performance. The tool that unlocked the sheer audio beauty dormant inside these wonderful headphones was your Endorphin headphone cable. I was so stunned to discover the magnitude your cable had on the music delivered by the Senn. HD800’s that I now will begin an overhaul of my system by strategically replacing all the power cables and interconnects which will be based on your recommendations. Thanks, you have opened up a world of wonderfully rich and genuinely exciting music delivered via headphones – a world which I never thought existed!”

“Wow! I genuinely doubted that a headphone cable could make much difference, especially when the HD800’s treble was so pronounced with the OE cable, but the E-Series has brought the tonal balance beautifully into line! My jaw hung open for the first few minutes. The E-Series cable brings out in the HD800 all the virtues of the HD650 while preserving the HD800’s open, airy presentation—and providing substantially more fine detail than the HD650. Well done! Looking forward to hearing what the Endorphin cable can do for the HD650.”

“I received the cable today and I want to return to you my evaluation review coming after 3 hours of serious listening. Really exciting things happened today when I connected my HD800 to the Endorphin cable, it absolutely blew me away with first music accords and to be honest, it was surely beyond all my expectations. As day light against night it is clear that there is no needs at all to compare the stunning musicality of new Endorphin HD800 headphone cable with good sound of stock. Powerful punchy bass with excellent depth and extension, warm and detailed middle with brilliant balance to low and high frequencies and finally, emotional tremble like you are a part of great performance… my friend, everything comes to life. I was ready to investment a lot of time and money to find the absolute best combination of high-end components replacing source, amplifier, interconnect hoping for the best, so-called sound-per–pound ratio but was lucky to discover that the dedicated Stefan AudioArt Endorphin headphone cable was the key to delivering the most remarkable effect on the ears when used with the HD800’s. Personally, I would thank James for his many valuable comments and recommendations. As one of your customers had already stated I also would be very glad to take my hat off …Great for you!”

“I’m in the process of upgrading my headphone rig and have already put into place your Endorphin HD800 headphone cable and the associated power cables for my source and headamp. I just wanted to let you know that I have learned more from your extensive answers to my many questions then I have from all the other combined responses from several other manufacturers and dealers. I am also astounded at the enormous improvements the Endorphin cables have made in comparison to some other options I earlier explored. So, as you might expect, your remaining suggestions and product solutions are at the top of my list and I will soon engage in the process of ordering more of your wonderful products. Thanks for disseminating honest and cost effective steps to unlock the potential of my components and your exceptional customer service.”

“The E-Series cable arrived yesterday. It sounds great! Thanks very much for your careful restoration.”
“After weeks of research which included dozens of emails and phone calls to several manufacturers, it was easy to determine that your company is the most knowledgeable in this new found headphone hobby of mine. You guys go all out answering questions and concerns in such detail that I thought I had gone back in time to the day when product / field knowledge and customer service were the top priority. I will soon receive your complete high-end headphone system cable set and get back to you to share my experience. Thanks for the education”

“I’m a Mapleshade product user so felt comfortable with the format and suggestions on you site. After delivery of the Endorphin for my HD800’s I was startled to discover the huge step up in the performance of these headphones Not only is the Endorphin the cure for the stock cable decease which now I can clearly identify as the culprit of the harsh, grainy treble, thin midrange and under developed bass, but it is the gateway to pure shimmering treble, warm articulate midrange and clean powerful bass! My compliments on designing an attractive, comfortable, high performance headphone cable.”

“Every aspect of my HD650’s took a sharp turn for the better – no – way better after I connected the E-Series. Now I wasn’t going from the Senn. stock but from the Zu Mobius so this whole experience has been a real eye opener in the sense that your cable is quite a step above the other aftermarket offerings. Hats off to a great product.”

“Just want to let you know the my HD800’s were ready to go back in the box for return until first listen with your E-Series headphone cable. Instantly everything was set in balance. The delivery from whatever recording I’m listening was now a pleasant experience conveying a naturally open, detailed and warm picture of the music. I could go on with the list of improvements but I’ll just end with this important note – your cable is the perfect match as it beautifully comments the look and performance of a wonderful headphone I almost did not discover.”

“Even though I knew after your first email reply that I had come the best place to purchase a headphone cable for my HD800 headphones, I never excepted such a wealth of valuable information regarding headphone system components in the emails that followed. With your sincere efforts I have reached my goals and could not be more satisfied. Thanks you for your time, integrity and dedication.”

“Yesterday if I was told that there was a headphone cable that would completely correct all the issues I have with my Senn HD800’s and deliver the music with a breath taking rich quality I would have laughed. Well why not. I tried other headphone cable upgrades in the past and was left disappointed. But your Endorphin is a keeper and then some. Great look, feel and the sound out of my HD800 is absolutely drop dead inspiring! What a great product! Thanks.”

“First thing I have to say, is that I never imagine how a cable could change in such great proportion, the sound of my headphones! I am VERY HAPPY because I now have all the qualities I research for in a good component – I do not consider the Sony MDR SA 5000 and ENDORPHIN headphone cable as two separated units but as one single component. Smoothness is very important to me for my listening comfort, and to believe that what I am listening to now is a live concert. I am always shock by instrument’s smoothness and with the ENDORPHIN my MDR SA 5000 give me much more smoothness than I had with stock cable. And for me that is a real pleasure. Soundstage has widely improved, and it is very easy for me to immerse myself in the music. Distance and air are amazing! Detail, transparency, bass and voices are absolutely wondrous and magical. I think it’s important to specify all those improvements are IN GREAT PROPORTION. Now my listening sessions are filled with pleasure, delicacy, sensuality, emotion and joy. I have learned a lot of things about SONY MDR SA 5000 with the addition of the Endorphin high-end headphone cable…… My equipment – MDR SA 5000 / ENDORPHIN, DARVOICE 336 SE/ NOS RCA 1966 6AS7G / SYLVANIA 6SN7 / JADIS EVOLUTION TUBE player is a wonderful combination as they reveal all the qualities this head-phone is capable of. Congratulation, James, for this wonderful cable and thank you for making it possible for me to access this magical musical world.”

“James, thank you so much for your advise on cables and vibration control. I took your lead and did the upgrades in the order you suggested slowly over the past 6 months. The process was truly enlightening and now I understand why you stressed that your headphone system cables and the mapleshade cables and vibration kits are very important components in any system and have the biggest influence on the other components and the entire system as a whole. In addition, the modifications you suggested for the HD650’s made everything even better. On doubt you saved me hundreds and maybe thousands as now I have no desire upgrade my headphone amplifier based on how satisfied I am my system transformation.”

“For months I’ve contemplated but hesitated sending the money on either the E-Series or Endorphin upgrade cables for my HD800 headphones. Up until now I have not been satisfied with the stock or the other aftermarket headphone cable I purchased or tried. Well after careful research I decided to go with the Endorphin as it seemed like the option that would give me the most improvement (Voice excluded) based on my system of components. After several weeks of serious comparisons with the stock and other lower cost headphone cable upgrades, I can honestly report back that this cable is well worth every penny. Nothing I used came close to the look, feel, build quality and most important sound quality of the HD800/Endorphin integration. Thanks for continuing to advance the look and performance of headphone cables. Without your technology I would still be experiencing mediocre performance from very good quality components.”

“I have always regarded your headphone cables (including the recently purchased Endorphin power cables) superior to all other headphone cables on the market. That said, I never got around to organizing and sending back my comments until my latest purchase of the Endorphin headphone cable for the HD800’s inspired me to do so. And inspired might not be a strong enough term! The Endorphin cable mated with the Sennhesier HD800’s has completely opened me up to a new dimension in headphone quality which includes a strikingly beautiful appearance unlike no other headphone/cable combination I’ve ever used or seen anywhere. This combined sound performance tops my well love R10’s. I’m going to put together the another high end balanced headphone system in 2010 which will be built around another pair of HD800’s. So I will be back for another purchase as I will be selecting your Voice headphone cable for completion.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I got the umbilical for the BA” (Eddie Current Balancing Act). ” All is well. It’s hard to believe the BA can be improved upon but it is responding to every change thrown at it. The SAA Voice HD800 re-cable is simply amazing on the BA. The umbilical also brought a very noticeable improvement. Although not nearly on the same level as the HD800 re-cable, your umbilical cord removes a layer of grunge and the music seems faster without any edge to it.”

“Hello James, I am pleased to inform you that the package have arrived a few days ago. I have installed the Endorphin cables in my system and was really impressed how significant the overall improvement in sound was. Of course I anticipated better sound from these cables, though I didn’t expect that the effect would be that great. I am very satisfied with their performance so far. Thanks a lot for these great cables!”

“I’ve been in the European recording business for over 20 years and with what I consider my highly trained ears, I have never listen to my HD600 headphones with such satisfaction until after replacing the stock cable with your E-Series upgrade. The differences are striking and I now must get the word out to my colleges and fellow engineers.”

“In comfort and performance the Endorphin is so much more advanced than my collection of accumulated aftermarket headphone cables. I can now clearly see that this purchase is money well spent and in the future I will stay away from the “fast food” headphone cables.”

“Regarding performance and aesthetics, your VOICE cable is an absolute work of art. I now have complete fulfillment in my sound endeavor. Thank you.”

“The Endorphin umbilical with the B52 is a real eye opener. Thanks for curing this important and unrecognized area in my system. Tube sound is now faster and more dynamic with just the right amount of warmth.” Be back for the Endorphin power cables soon.”

“Just finished breaking in the new E-series with my HD800’s. Now music is an absolute joy through these cans with the cable upgrade. All my complaints regarding the HD800 have disappeared and now I know it’s the stock cable and not the phones. Now I can sleep at night. Thanks for curing my insomnia.”

“It was a shock to me at first listen after I installed the Endorphin power, interconnects and headphone cable to my ZD / HD800 based headphone system setup. What I had come to realize after a few days of intense listening was that even though I had selected some of the best equipment available, it was severely compromised by the cabling. Your complete headphone system cabling offers serious improvements and I would like to especially note the Endorphin is an absolutely beautiful headphone cable which looks incredible with the HD800’s. Thanks for your time educating me via the detailed emails and phone conversations.”

“The Endorphin attached to my HD800 headphones has proven to be an enormous transformation. I did not imagine that at this level of headphone (price and quality) there was going to be this much improvement. Years ago I was blown away after connecting your Equinox to my HD600 (after very disappointing results with Cardas, Zu and Moon Audio cables) and now you guys have once again proven that you know headphones and possess the expertise and skill to produce the best headphone cabling available!”

“Absolute Magic!!! This is my experience with the Sennhesier HD800 and the Stefan AudioArt E-Series cable. This is truly a combination to die for as every bit of music is in tremendous balance and all the riches of the music displayed. Thank god you left Sennhesier to take on this task!”

“First I would like to thank you for your quick shipment… I have had my HD800 with your E-series Noir Audiophile headphone cable for a while and have had about 100 hours of burn in time. I listen via Esoteric SA60 / Grover single ended / Grace 902 / E-series Noir / HD 800. This combination is truly fantastic. Well recorded SACD:s is in a league of its own through this combination. I do not understand how your cable can improve the sound of the headphones as much as they do, and why a high end headphone like HD800 is standard equipped with a cable that holds back so much of its potential.”

“Hello, I am a French audiophile and I just got my brand new SAA E-Series for HD650 and the results are HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE ! I want to thank you so much for your work, you (and of course your team) are amazing, I love you 🙂 Great job guys !”

“First of all let me tell you that I am old music lover regularly attending concerts and opera house. I spent the last 30 years playing with traditional domestic stereo equipments, building in time, a system which I enjoy very much. That said, I am completely naïve to headphone world. Lately, I decided to explore this new area of domestic listening prompted by the very interesting results obtained with a ipod – portable amp – iems combo. Once I decided to go for HD650, I understood that you should also go “balanced” and after a few search and forum chat, SAA E-Series imposes itself as the best way to go. My comments therefore apply only to the comparison with the original single ended cable. And to be fair it is more a comment on single ended versus balanced Senn. It is hard to believe that you are hearing at the same headphone! I know I am the last one of a long line of HD650 owners, but the difference is stunning: a very good headphone become a masterpiece: gone is the dark, “closed” character of the original single ended HD650 with the relative prominence of the bass line; you get a fantastic grip on the bass and the sound open up, sparkling but never becoming fatiguing and retaining a sovereign musicality. As far the soundstage is concerned (as hard it is for me to get used to this new dimension), one passes from a vague “in your head” imaging to a believable space in front of you with pin point imaging and some air around instruments and singers. But most important is the fact that for the first time I can listen to music for long time without any sense of “missing something”. No, listening to my system with the speakers still remains my primary source of domestic music, but now I can understand why a lot of people are perfectly happy with cans avoiding a lot of troubles and saving a lot of money.”

“I wanted to get back to you and tell you how much your E-Series cable has re immersed me in music. While I could agree with most of the descriptors I’ve read on your site , it is the emotional impact and sensuousness of the music that the cable reveals that makes me yearn for sitting in my study with music on. Like others I was so impressed with the AKG (K702’s) on their own that I could just barely imagine improvement- it far exceeds my imagining. Thanks for the good work.”

“Hello James, thanks for your reply. Your customer service is really prompt and excellent. If I ever should get tired of my job maybe you’d like to be a serious dealer of your products for all the southern European area. Many people should really know HOW MUCH they can improve their headphone listening experience using your cables. I’m a former audio mastering engineer. I was skeptical at the beginning. Now I’m a believer. For sure I’ll buy very soon another cable from you for my other pair of Sennheiser HD600.”

“My Sennheiser 650s sound great. With the addition of the E-Series cables from Stefan AudioArt they sound superb!” Bring your Sennheiser 650s to their full potential with the E-Series cables from Stefan AudioArt!”

“Just want to stop and write how much I love the E-Series 650 cable I bought from you guys. This cable has improved every aspect of my 650 headphones. More detail, eliminates the recessed midrange and adds no detractors. I can’t find one single bad quality about this cable. Just goes to show that SAA is passionate about their products and it shows in every aspect of my purchase from the sound to the look of the cable and even the packaging. Very nice work!”

“Thanks for getting me my GS1000’s back so soon. I received them on Sunday, and thought that I would only play them for an hour or so but ended up playing them the whole day! I mainly run my headphones through a Ray Samuels Hornet for portability but I decided to plug it into my home system, and WOW…Your cable, with the GS 1000’s plugged into a Cary 300 SEI with a Cary 303/300 is quite frankly unbelievable. A while ago, I bought a Sennheiser 650 with the Cardas cable, and wasn’t really impressed. I really didn’t hear much of a difference between the stock and upgraded cable. In fact, I thought the Cardas sounded a little sharp compared to the stock cable. I was afraid I wouldn’t like the sound of the E-Series but after my dad upgraded his, I decided to give it a try based on how impressed he was with the cable. I sent my turntable in for an upgrade but once I get it back, I can’t wait to try it with my upgraded GS 1000’s. I know I haven’t broken them in yet but let me tell you, I am perfectly happy with them now. I tried my CD with Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Live in Luther College, and man, the acoustic guitars have NEVER sounded so real. Seriously, I’ve been to Hi Fi shows, I have a home system, etc. It was almost scary on how…organic it sounded. And what really impresses me the most is how everything really has its own “space” on the stage.”

“Some say that switching cables can’t really make any difference on the sound. I learned that that was false by switching the 600’s cables with 650s. It made music have more impact and deeper bass, but lost some of the detail. Trade off. But I just got the E-Series and WOW! You weren’t kidding when you said that these would be the most significant upgrade. Absolutely no trade-offs here. These sound like completely new headphones. These sound like what I expected the HD600s after investing so much money in them. I always felt like a strip of sound was missing… Like I was at a wonderful concert, but listening to the music behind a thin wall. Now I’m right in the middle of the music. I’ll write a more formal review after giving them more listening… I’ve only used these for about 20 minutes and the improvement is astounding. It put the ‘soul’ back in the music. Wonderful product!”

“I have posted an initial review of the Endorphin Ribbon Power Umbilical Cable at It is under the Hi End Audio title and is on page 23 of the thread “Zana Deux Tube Rolling”. The cord gives a wonderful improvement to the Zana Deux. I believe it’s improvement to the Zana Deux is greater than your fine Sennheiser 650 cable to that headphone. Certainly having both in the system is synergistic. I have not tried any sort of A-B comparison with the stock cords. The improvement are immediate and obvious. I will try the power cords after a have more listening time on the current set up. Feel free to use any of my words about your cables.”

“I’ve received your cable for my Sennheiser HD600. I’ve followed the instructions on the sleeve inside the box and everything went smooth. Oh boy! What a change in the sound. As a former audio mastering engineer at the beginning I was skeptical. But now I can clearly say that it’s like having a 3 way full range speaker around you head! Mids and high frequencies are more open and precise now. Transients attack is also faster and bass response is clearer. This cable is highly recommended! I just want to say thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Feel free to insert my comments on your homepage.”

“….and ABSOLUTELY no more doubt in my mind regarding your Endorphin ribbon headphone system cable set! Such beautiful improvements in the bass and soundstage and an added rich presents in the overall sound. I’ve searched for years trying different component combinations and never even came close to such improvements. And as far as the power cables, I’ve never even considered this as an option for improvement. But when I put back my old cables, I just couldn’t believe the step-down in sound. You guys have truly addressed the problems in headphones systems and come up with wonderfully effective solutions. Thank you from the bottom of my ears!”

“…an the Endorphin power cables have got my endorphins working overtime! never excepted this much improvement from a power cable. Deep rich bass and a much bigger soundstage are what really stand out in most of the material I listen to and my old AQ power cables are being demoted to my computer equipment. I’ve just want to add, I’ve had such great success with your headphone cables and now with the power cable upgrade, I can’t tell you how delighted I am with the continuation of your quality products!”

“If I had expected to get only half of the long list of improvements the E-Series cable introduced to my HD650’s it would have been money well spent. So I’m sure you know where this is going as you have probably heard it a million times before and you will probably hear it over and over for years to come. You have tapped into to the heart of what makes the HD650 sound like no other headphone on earth. These cans are just phenomenal thanks to your E-Series cable which has finally made listening with headphones a true audiophile experience.”

You are right! Nothing beats listening to headphones that deliver the music from outside and around the ear. I’ve put my IEM up for sale as I now enjoy my portable listening with the HD25’s with the E-Series Lite. They’re much more comfortable, organic and musical. No more ear pain from having IEM in the ear for too long – Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

“I have to admit, I really doubted your prompt replies to my many questions regarding the Endorphin ribbon power cables performance. In fact, I never thought I would really hear any difference, but with the money back guarantee I was still was curious and had nothing to lose. Well thanks, this cable really does improve the sound and just as you described! As I continue this wonderful sonic endeavor of high end headphones I will now pay closer attention to smaller, customer services oriented companies like yours as your products (I also have your E-Series for the HD600’s) offer real solutions.”

“The conversation we had over the phone a few months ago took a while to sink in. It was the part where you had mentioned cables, headphone, power etc. not being a very exciting component to purchasing. You went on to mentioned that most users go for the glamorous purchases like headphones, amplifiers etc., which only result in minor or even no improvements to the overall sound making a large investment with little or no return. I decided to go with your direction and it has really paid off. My 650’s SING with the E-Series headphone cable and it really looks great in comparison to the stock or other after market cables I considered. And, man when I added your Endorphin power cables to my Headroom amp., another big step in improved sound. I have a whole new respect for my components which I once thought were the cause of unbalanced and inconsistent sound. As you advised, my next step will be addressing the vibration in each component. Thanks for honest and effective advise.”

“It all makes perfect sense now, but before I forget to mention, the E-Series cables for the AKG 1000 headphones is spot on. What really prompted me to make the change is that my very expensive speakers do not come with a cable attached and if they did I’m sure it would leave much to be desired to the overall sound. I’ve worked in related fields where the cost of good cabling and similar products just adds to much to the cost of the overall product pricing it right out of the market. But that all said, my K1000’s are now ship shape and they have exceeded all my expectations and are now my first choice when engaging a listening session.”

“You probably don’t remember me, but I sent my Grado RS-1 headphone all the way from Spain for installation of your wonderful E-Series cable. What a beautiful job Grado Labs did with the installation and the sound of the RS-1’s with the E-Series has filled my head with the most gorgeous musical sound on this planet. Thank you for a fabulous product.”

“For the past year and a half I’ve enjoyed the exquisite improvements your E-Series cable has brought my HD600’s. But I’d say with the addition of the Endorphin power and IC cables to my system the performance has just about doubled! I now have no need to entertain the idea of purchasing a $1500- $2000 headphone amp. I once thought I needed to get to this level because after several sessions auditioning headphone amps in this price range, I never heard these kind of improvements. Thank you for producing products that truly deliver “beyond expectations” results and for making a believer out of me. This also extends to the ergonomics of both the power and IC cables as they are light and flexible and truly a pleasure to work with.”

“Your E-Series RS-2 product is truly remarkable, I am so happy you decided to choose this endeavor. I just want to thank you for having such a wonderful product. Oh my goodness, I’m sorry to rant and rave and ramble. I am so thrilled; it is so close to live, real. The detail, the micro dynamics, every superlative that I could possibly think of that is positive applies to your cable. I am such a happy camper and I appreciate your work greatly. Thank you so much”

“I only connected the amplifier cable and I listened to a CD that I don’t weary myself to listen, a treasure of songs and music made by Jordi Savall : Villancicos y Danzas Criollas (AliaVox of Sony) I doubted to hear any difference and I immediately felt a shock: it was incredible, it’s not useful to wait a hundred hours ! The average frequencies are not aggressive any more and the sounds are more natural, the low frequencies are fuller and detailed, the high frequencies are softer and removed of distortions, even on strong level. The marvelous singers are there in the living room, I hear them breathe, the instruments played around me, each one in its place, I hear their vibrations and I perceive the thin reverberation of the place of recording, I listen to the divine voice Mrs. Montserrat Figueras and my heart is tightened, I cry… I will tell you a secrecy : because of you I love her still more ! I don’t think of connecting the headphone cable, I’m too afraid to loose this irreplaceable instrument. I knew that the K1000 is very good; thanks to you I know today that it is the best. I congratulate you for this excellent result and I thank you very much.”

“Contrary to my past experience with power cables, the Endorphin has proved extremely beneficial to the overall performance of my system. Improvements are comprehensive across the audible frequencies, but what is notably impressive is the new addition of deep, tight bass. Thanks!”

“….and headphone listening was always a lesser musical event until I purchased your E-Series HD650. Now I’m reaching for this incredible combo as my first choice as they deliver great warmth, detail and a unexplainable richness.”

“My RS-2’s are singing a sweet song after upgrading to your E-Series headphone cable. Spacious, warm, detailed sound with awesome bass is now the final product from every section I play. Thanks for a stellar product!”

“How could a simple change from the Sennheiser cable to the E-Series on my HD600 make such a big difference? I have sent the past year and a half spending $$$ upgrading and the headphone cable change has by far put the most magic in the music. I’ll be back soon to try your Endorphins……..”

“The E-Series installed on my Grado RS-2’s has improved the sound to mind boggling proportions. Now the music just floats around my head as if the headphones aren’t there and the bass, midrange and treble are all in perfect balance. One great product!”

“One listen is all it took for me to realize the E-Series HD650 headphone cable offered the single biggest improvement I had ever experienced from an upgrade. Dollar for dollar an incredible product.”

“After connecting the Endorphin ribbon IC’s between my CD player and headphone amp. it was like someone scraped a heavy layer of film off the musically picture. Great clarity, warmth and bass to die for! Next on my list the Endorphin ribbon power cables. You guys are the true authority on headphone systems – many thanks.”

“You guys were not exaggerating, the Endorphin power cables delivered HUGH improvements to my headphone system. It was like when I first connected the E-Series to my HD650’s – Pure Heaven! Thanks for offering another incredibly product which offers major sonic improvements for us headphone junkies.”

“Your E-Series for the GS1000 is the missing link to wonderfully detail warm and spacious sound. Now everything falls in place and record and CD (yes CD!) collections are now by far the most musically satisfying.”

“The addition of the E-Series cable and the removal of the ear speaker covers has transformed my AKG K1000 to now without a doubt in my mind are the best headphones available. My top of the line Stax system is no longer champ as the E-Series cable has allowed the K1000 to surpass all my other headphones with the most incredible balance of bass, mids and the most wonderfully natural detail I have ever heard!”

“The E-Series headphone cable is absolute MAGIC. If I had the opportunity to use to the HD650’s with the stock cable again, I just couldn’t do it!!!!”

“I received your wonderful E-Series cable for my HD650 Senns and have been playing them nonstop to burn in since receiving and my impression after about 12 hours of burn in is, WOW. The music is so much more involving-words are hard to find but so far I’m stunned at how it just seems to pull the notes from the distance(b4 the E-Series) to the forefront (with E-Series)! I’m already very satisfied-already money well spent. My 650s sound like they are worth at least 500.00 more! Your cable has already exceeded my expectations and burn in is far from complete.”

“Detail, warmth, beautiful textures and soundstage, that what most impressed me about the E-Series with my HD650’s. I could go on and on with a long list of improvements but I got to get back to listening. Upgrades for headphones do not get any better than this. Many Thanks.”

“Improvements beyond belief, the E-Series cable is a true audio Hallmark!!!”

“OK, now I know why the wait for the E-Series cable is so #*@%$*# long – it adds out of this world performance to my HD650!!!! To ease the pain of the wait, I listened to the 650’s with my old …cable, but now I can only listen with the E-Series connected….”

“Owning a very modest headphone setup and having a limited budget, I saved some money and sold some old equipment to purchase the E-Series cable for my HD600’s. I just want to let you know your product performs far beyond my expectations and I never imagined experiencing music at such high quality through headphones.”

“I’ve read plenty of accurate reviews on the web as to how wonderful your E-Series cable is sonically. But, I just had to write in and compliment those reviews by adding how beautifully constructed and flexible it is as well. I think this is an important point because the other aftermarket cables I’ve auditioned do not come close to the pleasing aesthetics and comfort of use you guys have incorporated into this phenomenal headphone cable.”

“The combination of the E-Series cable and the HD650 is an absolute masterpiece. All the colors and textures so to speak, are right as they should be. The vivid and sharp, yet organic canvas the combo paints creates an addictively pleasant listening experience. I’m going to have a very hard time going back to listening to my speakers which I have spent 10 times the amount of money on.”

“The E-Series K701 headphone cable has transformed by new system lead by the Cayin HA-1A into a sonic Valhalla. Now with about double the soundstage, the music comes across in a much more balanced and natural fashion. The lows, mids and highs are presented in harmony and the bass is well represented. AKG’s Richard Land did a beautiful install job and in a very short time. Hats off to the people at SAA, as I am grateful for the time and effort they applied to their products (I also own the E-Series for my HD600’s). This type of excellence from a company is fast becoming a thing of the past.”

“My skeptic, highly unlikely attitude towards the E-Series headphone cable improving my HD650 to a much higher degree than the other after market cables changed the moment I gave it a first listen. Your cable really does wonders for these headphones and would still be well worth the upgrade at twice the price.”

“I thought I died and went to headphone heaven after I connected your balanced E-Series to my HD600’s. No other component offers such phenomenal improvements to the Sennheiser’s and believe me I’ve spent thousands of $$$ in my attempt to improve them. Thanks for a great product that truly performs to this crazy audiophile’s incredibly high standards.”

“After using several aftermarket headphone cables …., I can accurately testify that the E-Series is a major step-up from these cables and takes the HD650’s and HD600’s to the absolute pinnacle of performance. Many thanks from an extremely satisfied die-hard audiophile.”

“I’m extremely impressed with the E-Series headphone cable as it offers such striking improvements to an already very sophisticated sounding HD650 headphone.”

“My jaw dropped to the floor after connecting the E-Series to my HD650 headphones and now the only way to close my mouth is to stop listening to music with the E-Series connected or go back to using the stock cable.”

“My 701’s with the E-Series audiophile headphone cable is just about broken-in and I wanted to share my before and after impressions. Quite a significant improvement has been made to the soundstage much to my surprise. With the E-Series the 701’s are WIDE open and this makes the music much more realistic especially live recording. Before the addition of the E-Series, the 701’s were a bit thin, but now there is a greater sense of balance and the mid’s are really smooth. Another big surprise is the incredible clarity and definition the 701’s deliver with the E-Series installed. This is very noticeable with vocals which are huge with that “right in your head” realism. Overall the E-Series is a must have component for the 701’s if you truly want the best performance. Thanks for the great aftermarket product.”

“I just finished installing the E-Series to my AKG K701’s and my first impressions are that this is a wonderful improvement to the definition, detail and sound stage. I would have never believed that a considerable amount of veil could be removed from these headphones with the addition of the E-Series and again that huge increase in sound stage. Also noted is the nice improvement in bass with a much smoother midrange. Thanks for another great product (I have the E-Series for my HD600 which is absolutely incredible).”

“The performance of my AKG K701’s is incredible after installing the E-Series cable. The installation was smooth and the instruction were very good with the inclusion of the AKG technical sheet.”

“My use of the cable is only audiophile, not professional. My comment is: great improvement for the HD650. Indispensable for serious listening.”

“The E-Series HD650 Noir is the only headphone cable for a true audiophile. No other cable comes close to the incredible improvements one will experience with the Sennheiser HD650 – 600 – 580 etc.,…. You guys have accomplished a great task designing a headphone cable that offers Sennheiser headphone users such comprehensive improvements for such a small investment.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Everything you said concerning your headphone cable is true! I received the LE yesterday, cued up “Sing, sing, sing” from a Telarc CD, hooked up my Portaphile V2 amp and was simply amazed at the difference! Right from the box! My venerable 580 Jubilees’s sang like a nightingale on steroids! Attack, detail, imaging and clarity all leaped forth with balletic grace. Cymbals shimmered, drums were full of depth and resonance, clarinets were distinct. Details were delivered in sweet abundance. Well, you are familiar with all the qualities of your product. The wait was worth it!”
“The thing that baffles me the most about your wonderful E-Series HD650 headphone cable is that it cost me so little for the major improvements it brought to my headphone listening systems. My Tube system (Meridian /Ray Samuels) now “sings” with incredible realism and my solid state setup (Meridian /Sugden) now has the most incredible detail with just the right amount of warmth.”

“Your Sennheiser HD650 LE E-Series cable is awesome! I have never heard such an improvement with cables, or even upgrading headphone amps, as I have experienced with your cable! The improvements are stunning. Now I enjoy the 650’s more than any other headphone in my collection, by a good margin. The sound is so much more natural and organic sounding, the bass is tighter and deeper, the mids and vocals are more palpable, open, and real, and the highs are excellent, more lively, and more detailed than the stock cable. Your 650 E-Series ‘”lifts the veil” so to speak! The soundstage also seems better, especially depth-wise. I cannot believe the depth of the sound! I now can listen to the 650’s without becoming bored. Now my toes are tapping and I loose myself in their excellent sound! I also had the ….. cable, and its not in the same class as yours, imho. The …… sounds more congested, slightly brighter, and just a tad metallic compared to yours. I would recommend the E-Series to anyone without any hesitation at all. A truly
first class outstanding audio product! Keep up the great work!”

“I am the ultimate headphone fanatic, constantly searching for the best upgrades for the three systems I use. After auditioning every headphone cable available, I can confidently report back to you that your E-Series audiophile headphone cable is KING. With all the other headphone cables, I use to have to choose the one that sounded best based on the type of music I was listening to. With the E-Series my HD650’s and 600’s sound absolutely perfect with everything I listen to. I just ordered my third one and I’m very excited as it will complete my third system.”

“Your E-Series has changed my concept that a headphone cable upgrade can not be as effective as a component upgrade, The E-Series upgrade surpasses my previous upgrades (source and headphone amp.) and it was a third to half the investment. I took a chance, learned something new and now I’m enjoying the benefits. Thanks for the honest advise.”
“Ok, just purchased my second E-Series cable for my HD540G,
yeah…I have two E-Series and don’t know why I can’t resist to buy it
again. The new cable sounds even better than the old one,
The sound is so gorgeous, so beautiful :)”

“…. Next time I’ll listen a little closer to good old Wes Phillips before I make my purchase. Thanks for a wonderful cable that can truly be labeled an audiophile product.”

“….Man what magic do you guys use to produce the E-Series headphone cable!….”

“…Your E-Series cable is pure magic with my high-end system. Thanks.”

“I received the E-Series cable several weeks ago and have been listening extensively to it. I have compared it in direct A-B comparisons to two other aftermarket cables: the Cardas and a Headphile BlackGold. The Cardas offered the least noticeable improvement over the stock cable. The Headphile offered very subtle improvements over the Cardas. I expected similar subtleties from the E-Series, but in fact noticed a very great difference: the E-Series transmitted the higher frequencies more clearly than the Cardas or Headphile. Even with a high-quality solid-state amplifier, the Senn HD 650 can sound dark; that’s just its voicing. This stronger presentation of the higher frequencies overcomes that short-coming without sacrificing any of the HD 650’s myriad strengths. Also, the high frequencies do not become fatiguing (as with some headphones), but simply more balanced. In short, I absolutely love the E-Series and am selling the other two cables. Lovely work! I have posted my impressions on”

“After using the E-Series cable for one year, I can say one thing – It impressed me. It’s the best headphone cable I’ve heard – my equipment being (cd player cayin, headamp gs-1). With regard to the stock cable, there is no comparison. When I first had a listen, I did not believe my ears because the improvements were simply awesome. The improvements I’ve experienced (which cover the entire audio Endorphin) are expanded soundstage, greater detail, 3D vocal presentation, open and natural treble (which is non-fatiguing at high level), midrange (which is so smooth, textured and wonderful) and bass which is tight, well defined and extended making the music so real. In short, I’m a very satisfied owner of the E-Series cable and I recommend it to all.

“Goodness, what a marvelous cable the E-Series is! My previous experience with cables (stock, Cardas, and Headphile) for my HD 650 suggested that cables don’t make much difference. However, I noticed the E-Series contribution immediately. It alters frequency response slightly to make the HD 650 sound less dark, more open and natural, yet without sacrificing bass response and without sounding fatiguing. What a perfect balance! Thank you!”

“The results of several long comprehensive listening sessions with your E-Series cable and my HD580’s all have ended on the same note which is “A” or an A+ which is my rating for your wonderful cable. And what I found fascinating is that the E-Series/HD580 combination also sounds incredible when listening to mp3’s on my laptop. It is truly one of the if not the biggest steps forward I have taken in my audio system upgrade journey….. ……Thanks for saving me a lot of time and money with your excellent advice.”

“The Equipod cable is so seamless with the ipod and sets a new listening standard for mp3 listening. Other interconnect did not offer that natural organic sound and I can see how this could easily be overlooked as I did not think it would make as big a difference as it did. I can’t wait until I re-cable my 701’s with the E-Series in February.”

“I’m in absolute audio heaven now that the E-Series is connected to my HD650’s. What I love (and still am perplexed) about the combination is the earthy synergistic quality the music takes on but simultaneously delivers a realistic live quality unlike no other cable and headphone combination I’ve heard. I’ve found my paradise and there is no need to look further.”

“Looking back on all the upgrades I’ve initiated in the past five years I have to say that the headphone cable was most significant. It has had such an impact on my listening that I now prefer headphones to my speakers. Headphone technology has come a long way, but I have to admit that without your E-Series headphone cable the improvements are much less dramatic and enjoyable.”

“The first word that came to mind when I connected the E-Series to my HD650’s were stupendous, as this cable has opened up a whole new level of listening which goes far beyond my speaker based system. The improvements are comprehensive and the other cables I’ve used …….. do not offer the closure of a completely natural and cohesive sound. My comments are based on many hours of serious comparative listening.” Hats off to your design.”

“What was I thinking! I waited much too long to upgrade my headphone cable for my HD650’s. The improvements from the E-Series are extraordinary! I’m still scratching my head as to how a headphone cable could deliver such major improvements. I only wish my new components offered similar results when the old ones were upgraded. Many thanks!”

“Your E-Series cable is a tube/vinyl lovers dream come true. My system is now perfectly smooth and natural thanks to the E-Series headphone cable. …..”

” Your E-Series cable is one of the most important upgrades I’ve made in my system (and I’ve made a lot of them) and a classic example of a great product destine to stand the test of time.”

” The E-Series headphone cable is without a doubt the biggest improvement I’ve made to my system. Also, thanks for your suggestions which helped guide me through this process.”

“The balanced E-Series is just incredible with my balanced preamp. and the description on your website – ” closer association with the impact of the music”, really holds-up and this is what I’ve come to realized makes the E-Series such a great headphone cable.”

“I’m a long time Beyer Dynamic DT880 user and never really thought about a cable upgrade. After coming across so many great reviews and comments regarding the E-Series cable, I decided to order and give the install a try. The guide you include for the installation is good and I took your advice and had the electronic repair shop in town do the install. Well, I could not be happier. The improvement are right there even before the break-in period. Richer. fuller, more natural sound which eliminates the emphasis on the treble. Great cable for a great headphone!”

…..” Now, your Hardwired K1000 cable is a God-send for the AKG’s. Your cable has addressed every issue I’ve had with these headphone and now I’m sure I’m listening to one of the (if not the) best headphone on the planet. Many thanks.”
“I have to admit, it was quite a project to upgrade my AKG K1000 headphones to your Hardwired K1000 audiophile headphone cable. I’m not a patient person, so for me, the 8 week wait to receive the cable was long. Them, I had to wait another 3 weeks for my local audio dealer to do the install. Well, going through this long process has resulted in two positive things. First and most importantly, the cable is so extraordinary that it has truly made headphone listening my first choice over my Sonus Faber Cremona’s. Before your hardwired K1000 cable was installed, there was no comparison between the two. The Cremona’s had the K1000 beat hands down in all categories (except for the very subtle things you can only hear with headphones and the K’s do that very well). Now, with the Hardwired K1000 cable installed it is like having the Cremona’s right next to my ear without the room acoustic errors. The K1000’s now sound sweet and natural from top to bottom with a bigger more realistic soundstage. The harsh highs, mediocre midrange and slightly lean bass have been replaced with smooth sparkling highs, to die for mid’s and a full articulate bass response that I’ve never heard from any transducer before. Secondly, (now that I’m in headphone heaven) I’m going to have a more patient attitude. Why, because just by simply waiting could prove results as incredible as your K1000 headphone cable.”

I’m not one who usually follows through with comments back to a manufacturer about the performance of their product (and my wife would back me up on this one as she constantly reminds me how I need to follow through with projects I start around the house), but I am so blown away by the incredible transformation the balanced E-Series headphone cable has done to my system, that I just had to go against my nature and send you a response. First off, everything about headphone listening has GREATLY improved with an added emotional attachment to the music which is so addicting that I end up listening late into the night (without falling asleep!). Secondly, construction wise, the cable looks great and ergonomically performs wonderfully. I could go into more detail about your wonderful cable but I feel myself transforming back to my procrastinating nature and if my wife catches me writing this response, I’ll have to complete at least one of those unfinished domestic projects. Thanks for perfecting my system.”

“Thank you for your patients and honesty. Patients for the dozens of emails and phone calls answering all my technical questions. Honesty for producing a spectacular product that performs far beyond my expectations. As soon as I connected the E-Series cable to my HD600’s all the details of what you described I would experience became a reality. And after the 72 hour break-in, I was amazed at how absolutely perfect everything sounded. You truly are working that technical magic producing the E-Series and I am going to help spread the word to the thousands of Sennheiser headphone users that have settled for a lesser headphone cable.”

“I just received my Balanced XLR E-Series 650 cables and they almost knocked me out of my chair, they are fantastic. Thanks for making them very neutral, unlike the Zu Mobius that bite and sting my inner ear drum with their brightness. I’m looking forward to getting my single ended E-Series 650 cable March 18th to use on my headroom desktop unit from you! Thanks again”

“Got the cable a couple of days ago. Been meaning to write sooner, but any free time has been spent listening. Improvement in my 600’s was immediately apparent on plugging in the first time. Soundstage moves back about 1″ inside my head and opens up in all directions, much greater sense of airiness. Deeper tighter bass, better defined trebles, much more articulate and engaging mid-range. Faster transients and better, more realistic decay. Very coherent. Wonderful product. Given its construction I know it will even be better when burnt-in. So impressed I’ve already taken steps to improve my FM tuner source.”

“After 200 hours break-in, HD540G with E-Series sound much more open & natural now. I must say this is the most natural & expressive sound I’ve ever heard, I’ve never heard such incredible musical sound in any headphone system before( include some $$$$ headphones) Thanks for the product & please keep up the good work .”

“I got the cables today….Wow!…I was skeptical that headphone cables could make that much of a difference but I’m really amazed at the improvement! I thought it sounded good before but now I can really feel each note of the music,. Worth every penny. Thanks so much!”

“After installing the Stefan AudioArt K1000 headphone cable and removing the grills as suggested in the installation instructions, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I can’t believe the difference your cable and the removal of the grill does to the sound. It is just as you described, the hardware (headphones) become removed from the music and what is left is more emotionally involving music. Your headphone cable is such an incredible product which allows audiophiles like myself to enjoy music on a level I never thought possible.”

“I am so amazed at all the wonderful improvements your E-Series cable has added to the performance of my HD650 headphones. Now I understand the importance of audiophile headphone cables and realize why spending 5 times the amount on a new headphone amplifier doesn’t even come close to matching those improvements….. .”
“…I’m very happy to report that after thoroughly researching all the after market headphone cables for the HD650 headphones (which included dozens of calls to several of the manufacturers), the E-Series has proven to be an incredible upgrade revealing a plethora of sonic improvements I had never though possible. Please let me know when the E-Series cable for the Beyerdynamic DT880’s is ready, my ears are drooling in anticipation….”

……”Thanks for improving my listening experience ten fold.”

“Many thanks for the E-Series cable, I would like you to know that I think it is superb and fixes a previous (and previously unknown of) “weak link” in my headphone setup. I run a Naim CD5i through a Naim Headline headphone amplifier into my HD650s. I saw your cable reviewed in the June 2004 edition of Hi Fi World (UK) magazine and up until then had been considering buying another but never got around to it because I thought they looked rather vulgar, regardless of the sound improvements. I was impressed by your employment history and liked your way of thinking once I had seen your website. I am not by any means a professional musician (my fiancée will certainly testify to that!), but I do attend many classical concerts. I think that the best way to describe the improvements that your E-Series cable has made is that previously I was still aware that I was listening to headphones, now it is practically indistinguishable from being at a live performance, and in a good seat too! Never before have I looked behind me whilst listening because I heard a cough on a live recording and thought it was somebody in the room with me. I am sure that there are a few better systems than mine out there, but I think you’ve helped me reach the limits of what my ears can hear and my mind can believe. In a nutshell? By far the best upgrade I have ever done. Again, many thanks.”

“I’ve had a good listen with my new cable and I have to say that the results are astonishingly good. It is like having a new CD collection. What is impressive is that I can hear instruments that I was not aware were there, and can follow them throughout a song.
However, the music still hangs together as a whole – the overall effect is one of not believing I am hearing the music as the artists intended. It is a sobering thought that probably much less than 1% of people are experiencing anything approaching this quality of sound on headphones. Digital radio is also a revelation. I’m not THAT fond of classical music but the effect is of actually being in the concert hall in broadcast live performances.”

“Received your cable today. Wasn’t prepared for the HUGE difference it made. I am using the Grace 901 headphone amp and the difference is totally night and day. Congratulations on a truly outstanding product that I will heartily recommend to anyone.”
“I’m listening as I write this email & whilst I’ve only had the cable connected for an hour or so, the difference is amazing – it is, in fact, night & day. Smoother, better control, especially in the bottom & mid. Top end is silky, much better defined, more “air” & depth, much better focus & sound stage, overall significantly more listenable (not that the stock 650’s are too shabby!) & just plain BETTER. I’ll send further (more coherent) impressions after a longer listen.”

“I have been burning in the new lead for more than 72 hours, and while I am sure that improvements will continue, it is now at an advanced stage of my initial impression. Soundstage and separation have really opened out, bass instruments have become more realistic with excellent pitch definition, and treble has clearly gone beyond my hearing capacity (I am 61 but what I can hear must benefit). Midrange, where most of the music happens, is vastly improved and now very rich and transparent, arguably as a result of the increased top and bottom extension. Also it is important to report that a large orchestra or church organ are reproduced with no loss of definition or soundstage. In short, brilliant!

As a side benefit I was able to hear that channel orientation via my (excellent) headphone amp (Ben Duncan/Hifi News Phones 01) was reversed – likeliest culprit is the interconnect from preamp to Phones 01, which is twin RCA/Cardas/5-pin XLR. Orientation is correct at the preamp outputs, and reversing the Phones-01 lead corrected the problem. This prompted me to have a listen via the standard Sennheiser lead. What a contrast! Pinched, thin, and no soundstage to speak of – obviously to the extent that I’d not noticed the wrong orientation. How dare Sennheiser restrict the performance of fine headphones with such a poor lead! Makes me wonder how much is lost between left and right cans…..Obvious answer is HD650 with your lead as soon as possible. I’ll be in touch when I can do it.

Many thanks for such an improvement to my listening (you can use these comments in your publicity if you wish to, either in part or in full) .”
. ….”You really put together a masterpiece with the E-Series cable and I’m thankful as I’m sure hundreds of others are for your fair pricing and years of hard work and research.”

“I now have spent about 20 hours listening to my new E-Series cable since its arrival 6/1. Already I am astounded, amazed, flabbergasted,… at what an improvement the cable makes in what I hear from my Sennheiser HD590 phones! I would not expect to experience such a great difference just from a cable switch. (And, as an aside, I now wonder why Sennheiser would not use such a cable as original equipment, in view of the huge quality boost it gives their product.)”

“I want to thank you for producing extraordinary cables for the Sennheiser HD 600s. They were easy to connect and are pretty much broken in by now. The improvement over the stock cable is just about unbelievable. My taste runs to complex music (string quartets, Bach keyboard music, piano sonatas) and I am very happy with the improvements in resolution, midrange and bass. What was once an extremely good and satisfying sound system (Headroom Max, Sennheiser HD 600) is now out of this world, and a lot better than my “normal” amp/speaker system.”
“…..I only wish I went straight to the top and purchased your E-Series HD650 headphone cable first. Yes, I foolishly admit, I took the more (or most expensive) way to final hear how wonderful these headphones sound. I don’t know how you did it, but I’m finally satisfied and my large accumulation of inferior aftermarket headphone cables are headed for ebay.”

“Yes indeed the E-Series is a set of killer cables. The HD650/E-Series combination offers such fluid musicality!!! Sacre Bleu!!! Beats the hell out of speaker systems I have heard that cost more than an arm and a leg.”

“Oh, man! The HD-600s should definitely come standard with these cables. I can’t believe Sennheiser is not begging you to mass produce the E-Series for them. This cable turns the Clou Red into chopped liver in my opinion. My system sounds so damn real it’s scary. The soundstage is huge, with sweet smooth highs, and deep defined lows. The mids are gorgeously liquid with incredible detail. This cable is easily worth twice the asking price. My system: Wheatfield HA-2, Sony SCD-C555ES, Audioquest Viper, and Clou Red thrown out the window. I have been an audiophile for 17 years, and all I can say in ending is that the E-Series turns the HD-600s from something good into something very special. Thanks!”

“I received the E-Series cables today. That was fast! I was able to listen to some of my reference disks. Melissa Walker’s “May I Feel”, Karin Allyson’s “Azure-Te'” and Milt Jackson’s “Memories of Thelonious Sphere Monk”. They are everything Wes Phillips from onhifi says they are: extended highs, cleared up the muddiness in the bass, and silky mids. I basically floated around in the music for an evening.”

“WOW!!! These are not even burned in yet (E-Series HD600/580) and I must say this is incredible. Like I said, I am not a professional, but the quality of the music is so much better and easy to identify. I still don’t know about the highs and lows, but I know what I hear, and I like it a lot! I wish I would have discovered this a LONG time ago!!! Two thumbs and two big toes WAY UP!!!!”

“The E-Series Hd600/580 was delivered to my home this afternoon. Thank you!!! It’s a nice looking cable and setting connectors was easy thanks to your instructions. The first impressions after just a couple of hours of warm up and listening are most favorable. The sound opened up. More detail, clearer distances between instruments. Bass goes significantly lower, still remaining well defined. Great with voices, much better articulation, nuances are revealed not heard before. In a word, it’s a great cable!”
“The cables arrived here yesterday and are currently burning in. They look and feel beautiful — Thanks very much for such an attractive product!”

“Thank you, I like the cable very much already; out of the bag it was a pleasure to listen through it – the bass seems to be a bit extended and, what’s even more important, more defined; the cable fixes the HD590’s treble’s unnatural metallic harshness immediately, they sound sweet and smooth. I’m very happy with the purchase and eager to listen through it again after the burning-in process, which I’m starting right now (I’ll be monitoring the progress during next couple of nights with a pleasure of a true audiophile).”

“Compared to other aftermarket cables I felt the E-Series improved many of my preferred aspects of the HD600 (ex. soundstage) while maintaining others (ex. warmth -which the Cardas seems to lose a lot of).”

“After careful comparison your E-Series cable is truly wonderful. The soundstage and bass I now experience with my HD600 is startling. …..not to mention the greatly improved richness and detail……the HD600 with the E-Series cable is now sonically superior to my RS-1’s.”

“Your 8-ft K1000 cable has proved impressively synergistic with my AKG K1000 headphones. I was skeptical of the cable compensation thing at first, but after the full 72 hour break-in and several long listening sessions I went back and listened to the AKG’s with the old stock cable. Without the Stefan AudioArt K1000 cable the music was compressed, fatiguing and harsh. I now enjoy smooth balanced sound that’s lively and detailed.”

“The E-Series HD600/580 headphone cable is a sonic work of art, offering everything I had hoped for plus to my surprise – SUPERB DETAIL!…. And as far as construction, it is beautifully crafted. Stefan AudioArt is truly a company dedicated to producing outstanding products for very fair pricing.”
“The K1000 cable arrived yesterday and already is sounding better than the stock AKG cable. The headphones no longer shout at me but sing. Immediate impressions are that mains hum has dropped a bit, treble glare has all but vanished and bass is slightly more present. I can relax now when listening!”

.”….. the E-Series has changed the character of the HD-600s in a way that has recaptured that intimate enjoyment of music that I had all but forgotten. The upper midrange glare that I had assumed were a function of the HD-600s is gone, and they are tonally much more even. And yet they capture even more detail. The net result being that music is much more musical. Thanks for a wonderful product. I wish finding a loudspeaker cable that offered such synergy was as easy…”
“HI: WOW you guys and girls? Are great. I received my E-Series cable today for my senn. 590s. I ordered the cable without the black cover because of the price. Well, the cable came with the black cover with the red tag and is just beautiful. Out of the box the 590s sound better with the E-Series cable with no burn in yet. The bass is more solid and the highs are more mellow and the bass is tighter. I am burning the cable in now for 72 hours. I would really like to thank the E-Series people for giving me the cover and such a great cable. I will not forget you generosity and thank you again very much.”

“Over the past year, I have upgraded every component and accessory in my headphone listening system. Hands down the Stefan AudioArt E-Series HD600/580 cable proved to be the most significant …… was like stepping into a new sonic world where all of a sudden everything was right!”

“Achieving only modest success with a countless number of interconnects and several component combinations, I finally tried the Stefan AudioArt K1000 headphone cable. This cable is superb! What more can I say! The AKG K1000/Stefan AudioArt cable combination produces the best sound I’ve ever heard from a headphone including Stax, Grado, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic and Sony.”

“Your E-Series cable is class “A” both sonically and ergonomically… adds significant depth and richness to the HD600 musical delivery and the flexibility is incredible!…….”

“Hi…I received my new cable on Monday (it was a nice surprise that it arrived sooner than expected) and have been burning it in nonstop since getting it. I just want to thank you for making such a great improvement to my K1000s (very apparent already even though I only have about 30 of the recommended 72 hours of burn-in). It is obviously a very well designed, well made, and high quality cable and will provide me with many years of listening enjoyment. Being so new to the whole “audiophile” experience and economics I am only now beginning to realize what a bargain it is. ”

“All the customers opinions seemed too good to be true, but they are ALL correct!!!!! Your E-Series cable does everything right. I look forward to listening to my Sennheiser HD-600’s more than ever !!!!! Good Luck in your cable business!!!!!”

“First I have to congratulate you on the nice work you did. This is indeed a very good cable. I also have to say that I should also congratulate the guys that build the HD600.
But I think they could have done a better job with the original cable… HOMBRE!!! Your cable makes the sound of the HD600 blow up and shine!!!”

The first big improvement was the “soundstage” inside my head. It changed from two dimensions to a nice 3D, with the instruments more focused. There was a “back to front” soundstage that I couldn’t ear before in the headphones.
The mid-range was the second big improvement. Much smoother and warmer. Voices are now much richer and clear, without any loss of detail. Also the timber of acoustic instruments like piano and guitar are really nice.

The third improvement is on the bass extension which is deeper and better controlled. And finally the treble is smooth and sweet. I’ve found the treble of some CD’s harsh with the original cable. Now harshness is gone.

Finally, I must say that your cables are smooth and warm, but also very transparent and detailed…. ”

“I just received the E-Series cables and I must say that the wait has definitely been worth ever second of each day. Even without burning them in the jump in performance quality is un-believably amazing. Using the old stock cables, I used to experience slight crackles in the playback but with your cables, that problem has been completely eliminated. On a sound quality level, the jump in audio quality to me is as great to the change in musical finesse when I first purchased my headphone amp. In short, your cables are simply breath taking! A definite must buy for any HD590 owner! Thank you so much for your wonderful product! A very, very satisfied customer.”

“The E-Series HD590 cable sounds significantly better than the stock cable… may take a few weeks before all the burning in is done for me to tell you about the cable’s sonic qualities.”

“I have the E-Series for my Sennheiser HD590’s and I love them!”

“…and I took a shot and never thought I would say it but your E-Series HD600/580 headphone cable is awesome!….I still can’t believe what your cable has done to improve the sound of my HD600’s…… ”

“Imagine a 55 year old whose been around the hi-fi wars for twenty five years giddily wringing his hands, grinning demonically…and that’s with your E-Series fresh out of the box! Like a nice NAD system to…oh, say, Conrad Johnson! What a match! The Senn 600’s now show their speed with more of EVERYTHING related to music. Okay, time to work the head amp and the front end knowing every advance will be realized. Plus, no sound room to fiddle and diddle with…this headphone stuff is FUN! The thrill is back!”

“I just received the adapter and l listened to your cable yesterday . Big difference from stock cable more transparence details and really 3d sound imaging . It’s sound very good and I’m not using a headphone amplifier but a good preamplifier output. ”

“The E-Series in short, it’s superb – the best I’ve heard with my headphones! Break-in was clearly an issue; the E-Series sounded closed in at first, but expansively opened up after proper break-in. Truly a marvelous product. Thanks again for a great product! The combination of SACD, triode tubes, and headphones clearly produces the best sound in my house.”

“I picked up the cable at the Post Office… . After work I installed it per your excellent product documentation. Removing stock cable connectors was indeed challenging, which makes me all the more appreciate of your installation instructions indicating same. To be forewarned is to be forearmed!

“This is a great cable…this headphone rig with the E-Series cable has more detail. It is not forward. Bass is strong, has good body and good attack. This cable does everything right, and it’s very well built. This is not a recommended accessory for the HD600, it is a demanded necessity! Bravo Stefan AudioArt.”

“Hello. I previously ordered your E-Series cables for my HD600 and love them. I’ve buried the stock cables somewhere in the back of my closet and hopefully will never find them again!”

“I got the cables. They look great and sound simply awesome…….”

“Hello and Thanks for a great product. I’ve had this cable working with my Senn.575’s for approx. 15-20 hours now and the sound just keeps on getting better. Detail, depth and musicality is wonderful! Doing an A/B/A comparison with the stock cable after a few hours of break in with the Vision 1 was revealing. The Vision was less cloudy, the music more open with each instrument standing alone. I look forward to much pleasurable enjoyment in the future and thanks again. Good luck.”

“Your HD600 cable is nothing short of amazing – what an improvement in every way you evaluate sound. A must have upgrade over the cable supplied in the box!”

“Well, the ‘Stefan AudioArt’ replacement cable: I just plugged into the headphones-amplifier and the first thing I perceived was … A BETTER DEFINED BASS. Yes. The ‘mids’ and ‘highs’ still are, as usual in the HD590, very detailed and well represented, but the bass … God, what a bass! As promise by James Serdechny, his cable leads to ‘natural high frequencies, clear midrange and extended low frequencies.’ True. But for us, the most important thing was the ‘bass’, and there it is. The cable has improved also my perception of the changes produced by Jan Meier’s ‘Analoguer’.”

“Hi, the cable you sent is great, just as advertised. Thanks very much.”

“The E-Series cable came last week. To say I am pleased would be an understatement–marked improvement in detail, soundstage, etc….”

“A few months ago I bought an E-Series cable for my HD590s. A great purchase. Wonderful addition to sound quality.”