Endorphin Ribbon Air-Suspended Speaker Cable

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Our new line Endorphin Ribbon Air Suspended Speaker Cables use a new Ultra-Pure Copper Hybrid Ribbon with a special hand applied super-conductive coating. This new conductor has no dielectric and is suspended is a proprietary sleeve so there is virtually no contact with the sleeve.

The Air-Frame Clip connectors are designed to interface the amp and speaker with the Endorphin Ribbon Air-Suspended Speaker Cable. Our Custom Air-Frame Clip connectors attached to the amp and speaker binding post via a custom solid core silver coated copper wire. The clips then attaches to the body of the ribbon speaker cable.

Our proprietary Air-Frame Clip connector design also contributes to increased performance over all other air dielectric speaker cables as our minimum connector with no body (shell) proved to offer a higher level of performance.

With the optimum ribbon width, the elimination of the dielectric and most of the hardware associated with the connectors used on speaker cables the results are striking in terms of the gain in bass, sound-stage, purity and transparency – the dielectric and hardware on any cable is responsible for a considerable amount of distortion and this very noticeably degrades the music.

Our new Endorphin Ribbon Air Suspended Speaker Cables are guaranteed to out perform any other speaker cable/interconnect on the market regardless of price and we extend our return policy for these to 90 days so you can test and compare their performance to any other speaker cable.

The New Stefan AudioArt Endorphin Ribbon Air Suspended Speaker Cables and Interconnects are a really eye-opener. The cumulative effect on a system provides the most significant improvements we have experienced. Once in place all the extra “artifacts” you did not know you were hearing in the music are gone. In the reproduction of music these improvement are huge as the music you experience is now just more like live music.

Please call 860-521-2563 or send an email to stefanaudioart@yahoo.com for more details or if you have any questions.

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