Endorphin Classic Ribbon Power Cable

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The Endorphin Classic Ribbon Power Cable incorporates a unique set of design criteria and is hand built to offer the associated components in your headphone/audio system significant audible refinement allowing each to operate at a high level of performance .

Second only to headphone cables, power cables yield major improvements to a headphone listening system. We set out to develop an interconnect for headphone listeners that would deliver needed improvements to a system and discovered the right power cable is more important and has a bigger influence on the audio signal.

The Power IC for an amplifier and the associated power cables from the wall along with the power cable used on the source are very critical to the performance of each component and the quality of the music they produce. Most power cables are poorly designed even by manufacturers who charge astronomical prices for cables which provide only minor improvements. Many have been mislead by this and turn away from upgrading this crucial area. Power conditioners will degrade the quality of the sound your components are capable of producing as well and only in extreme cases are they needed in a system. Removing power conditioners from a system and replacing them with a properly designed power cable results in a very significant upgrade in sound.

After building and testing several dozen power cables we came up with a proprietary copper hybrid ribbon material which has a purifying effect on AC power and significantly improves soundstage, bass response, clarity and detail of the audio signal. With it’s large surface area, specially treated hybrid conductive material and EMI and RI resistive IEC connectors, the new Endorphin out performs the so called audiophile power cables (and power conditioners) which use excess amounts of copper or silver, too much insulation and over designed IEC connectors all of which slows down and degrades the current resulting in poor component performance.

The Endorphin Classic ribbon power cable offers three very important design features. The first is combining different conductive materials with an ultra-pure copper ribbon to “tune” the power cable to improve specific areas in the headphone listening experience. Soundstage and bass response were our priority and with this formula, clarity and detail also greatly improved. The second important design feature was to eliminate the ground. By the removal of the ground the Endorphin ribbon power cable improves hum and the sonics the component is capable of delivering. This ground eliminating feature allows the third important improvement which is matching the AC polarity of the component to the AC polarity of the outlet in your home. When in phase you will hear improvements in the bass, soundstage and transparency. For polarity matching, instruction are included with each Endorphin ribbon power cable.

The Endorphin Ribbon power cables will provide a significant sonic upgrade and we stand behind this by offering a 30/60 day money back guarantee which includes the shipping charge both ways. The Stefan AudioArt Endorphin power cables represent our constant dedication to improving the performance of high-end headphone/audio systems.

All of our Endorphin High-End headphone system cables is available in custom lengths.

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