E-Series Singled-Ended Audiophile Headphone Cable AKG K702/Q701

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the E-Series K702/Q701 is specifically designed for the now classic AKG K702/Q701 headphones. Stefan AudioArt audiophile headphone cables provides comprehensive sonic improvements and the new E-Series takes the K702/Q701’s to an elevated level of performance.

Architecture: The E-Series K702/Q701’s is a detachable audiophile headphone cable with a new soft outer jacket. The E-Series incorporates a unique conductive surface formula and undergoes a special non-conductive surface treatment process which minimizes the negative effects of the dielectric has on the transfer of the audio signal. The new formula allows this pair of headphones to deliver a much purer and naturally detailed sound and opens up the soundstage, increases and adds weight and definition to the bass response and warms up the mid-range. The new formula also removes the veil from the entire audio spectrum which is specifically noticeable in low frequency attack and the mid and upper treble range.

Construction: 3-conductor tri-braid geometry cable consisting of linear induced  isolation constructed ultra pure copper enclosed with a Teflon/Oxygen dielectric finished in a custom treated soft outer structure. The E-Series headphone cable incorporates proprietary contact enhanced professional connectors with either 3.5-mm or ¼” configuration. The E-Series cable is assembled with a special handcrafted process which has been refined over many years to meet the state of the art audiophile standard.

Installation: The E-Series K702/Q701’s is a detachable audiophile headphone cable and simply plugs into the headphones.

The E-Series Audiophile headphone cable is available in custom lengths.

Please call 860-521-2563 or send an email to cables@stefanaudioart.com.

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