E-Series Single-Ended Audiophile Headphone Cable HiFiMan HE-5/5LE/500

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The E-Series HE-5/5LE/500 is a meticulously designed headphone cable with an ergonomically soft outer body and custom multi-treated proprietary connectors. Representing the further evolution of our constant design improvement philosophy, the E-Series audiophile headphone cable will take your musical experience with this group of headphones to a much higher level than with the existing stock headphone cable.  Our new design displays all the wonderful characteristics improving very important aspects of these world class headphones. With the E-Series headphone cable your HE-5/5LE/500 headphones will reveal fuller, lower bass, a warm accurate midrange and fine balanced detailed high frequencies of voice and instrument.

Sonic Description: a rich, natural, involving presentation with an increased soundstage. Full low end punch and attack with natural detailed high frequencies and ultra smooth midrange. Increased definition and presents allowing the true planer magnetic characteristics to be experienced.

Construction: Cable finished in all black from amplifier connector to headphone connectors. Black/white finish (black finish to splitter then white finish to headphone connectors) shown in photo above is available special order at no extra charge. Internal configuration is 4-conductor quad-braid field geometry consisting of a headphone specific linear induced isolation constructed ultra pure proprietary copper finished in a specially treated soft outer sheathing. The E-Series headphone cable incorporates our advanced proprietary contact enhanced custom headphone and amplifier connectors and is built from the ground up using a special handcrafted process which allows each integral component to effectively deliver the signal in an extremely efficient and musical fashion.

Headphone Interface: Detachable custom SAA multi-treated HiFiMan headphone connectors.

Three Connector options are available each with optional Wood Splitters (see drop down menu above for all combinations) :

  • –  Multi-treated Neutrik Professional 1/4″ for connection to headphone amp.
  • –  Multi-treated Switchcraft Professional 3.5-mm for connection to headphone amp.
  • –  SAA Ebony/ Cocobolo Wood Shell 1/4″ for connection to headphone amp.

Our custom handmade/hand polished ebony/cocobolo wood 1/4″ connector will improve the sonic performance of the HE-5/5LE/500 headphones as it will present the music in a more natural/organic fashion, display greater transparency and reveal subtle inner detail.

The E-Series Features: 

  • HE-5/5LE/500 specific conductive surface material
  • Light and soft body for comfortable listening
  • Specialized non-conductive component preparation
  • Proprietary secondary conductive treatments
  • Custom treated Pro 1/4″ or 3.5-mm connector
  • Low micro-phonic structure
  • Professional quality build and appearance

The E-Series High-End headphone cable is available in custom lengths.

Please call 860-521-2563 or send an email to cables@stefanaudioart.com.

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