E-Series Single-Ended Audiophile IEM Headphone Cable Fit Ear Series

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The Stefan AudioArt Fit Ear IEM Series is a specialty version our audiophile line of headphone cables with a unique conductive hybrid surface formula designed to yeild high performance from your Fit Ear IEM’s.

We did our research and came up with the most effective solution as the new E-Series audiophile headphone cable is designed to eliminate the stock cables performance degrading characteristics allowing a true high-end portable and home listening experience.

The Fit Ear IEM Series are among of the top IEM’s available. Unfortunately the stock cable has devastating effects on performance and their true capabilities are not realized. With the upgraded to the Stefan AudioArt E-Series custom headphone cable connecting directly to a portable source or home system the combination takes them far beyond any other IEM aftermarket cable upgrade combination available.

The most important information we have gained in over 12 years of headphone cable design comes direct from our customers. Hundreds of serious listeners have reported back to us indicating that the sum of all the improvements offered by our audiophile, high-end and ultra high-end headphone cables translates into a incredibly pure and unique emotionally involved listening experience.

Two Connector options are available each with optional Wood Splitters (see drop down menu above for all combinations) :

  • –  Multi-treated Straight Switchcraft Professional 3.5-mm.
  • –  Multi-treated Right Angled Switchcraft Professional 3.5-mm.

No other headphone cable available is engineered for sonic performance and user comfort like the Stefan AudioArt E-Series:

  • Fit Ear IEM Series specific conductive surface material
  • Super-light and soft for optimal comfort
  • Specialized non-conductive component preparation
  • Hybrid conductive surface
  • Custom treated connectors
  • Low microphonic structure
  • Unmatched built quality and appearance

Once you place your order please send us an email letting us know which Fit Ear IEM you own so we can match it to the corresponding conductive surface formula.

The E-Series connects directly to the Fit Ear Pro Series and can simply be installed.

The E-Series Audiophile headphone cable is available in custom lengths. Please call 860-521-2563 or send an email to cables@stefanaudioart.com

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