Let’s face it, practice can make perfect only if you are improving best practices. The Endorphin performance headphone cable, based upon our original VOICE headphone cable design, incorporates the iterative improvements we’ve made over the years. The VOICE created a new category in headphone cables and validated the importance of the signal transfer between the headphone and the pre-amplifier. Our close attention to detail in each cable we built revealed opportunities to make improvements in both sound quality and comfort. Because we build each cable by hand, in house without any outsourcing or mass production, we are able to document, incorporate changes and operate in an environment which nurtures true “continuous improvement”. These improvements culminated in The Endorphin.

Unobstructed Signal Transfer
Every surface of the Endorphin is meticulously treated using our unique two step process. Time consuming and labor intensive as it is, it is critical to create the quality products SAA is known for. This process involves physically inspecting every surface and insuring that signal is exposed to as little material as possible and all surfaces are prepared to allow the signal to flow in the most efficient manner. The second step includes a two stage treatment which further increases the efficiency of the signal transfer. This process, developed by SAA engineering is exclusive to our products and is proven to reduce resistance imposed on any signal to a level UNMATCHED by anything on the market. The cumulative effect delivers significant improvements in sound quality.

Customers and industry reviews claim that the Endorphin is the most comfortable headphone cable they’ve used. So how did the SAA engineers do this? It begins with the same meticulous attention to detail that makes the quality of our sound so spectacular. The ultimate objective is to be un-obstructive while at the same time creating the perfect “housing” conducive to the engineering we take great pride in. Weight, balance, conformity, form following function all have to be considered and crafted into the design. It’s in the detail.

To better understand our approach, we took a look at the cost of producing a typical high-end component. We were very surprised to find how little the parts and assembly costs added up to in relation to the $3000.00 to $10,000.00 selling price. The biggest cost to produce these components was spent on the chassis which in most cases was designed to look great but did not properly address the vibration caused by the current flowing through the circuits. So, there are several manufacturers out there producing components that look great, but are using only low to medium cost internal components which result in only “mid-fi” performance. This is not the case with our headphone system cable designs as we use the best possible, most advanced materials available to provide the consumer with uncompromised products which lives up to the phrase High-End Performance.

Things to keep in mind before purchasing upgrades for your headphone/audio system:

  • What I’ve have learned in my 30+ years in the audio industry involved in headphone system design with a good portion of that spent at Sennheiser Corporation is many users spend large amounts of money on the components in their headphone/audio systems but fail to realize that a large portion of the fidelity produced by such components is lost in the signal transfer (cables) from component to component and the vibration caused by the electric current flowing through the circuits of each component. They also fail to realize that most cable (95% on the market) even the really expensive ones are poorly designed and offer very little improvements compared to properly designed cables.
  •  For lack of a better term you will double or triple the performance of your system by incorporating properly designed cables (especially headphone and power cables and the Endorphins offers pinnacle performance) and Mapleshade vibration control platform for each of your components.
  • The approach that many users do not want to spend X amount of money on these two very critical areas while spending $3000.00 plus on individual components is very unfortunate. Our research shows that spending a third of what many spend on high priced components (many high-priced components are just high-priced because of cosmetics and not the internal components) and investing in properly designed system cables and vibration control will take the user to a much higher level sonically for considerably less money.
  • Serious users will discover this after auditioning our products as incorporating properly designed cables and vibration control into their system(s) is the only way to truly discover a high-end listening experience and expensive component upgrades for the majority of the cases are just an exercise in increasing the beauty of the components but not necessarily the performance of the overall system.

Another important fact is Stefan AudioArt Endorphin headphone/audio system cables are built from the ground up offering soft ergonomic structures with proprietary conductive surfaces built to precise electrical and mechanical specifications.

The Endorphin headphone system cables offer significant and comprehensive improvements to all headphone/audio systems as when properly designed cables and vibration control are incorporated into your system(s) you will take your listening experience to the highest level.