The Endorphin

The Stefan AudioArt Endorphin high-end headphone cable evolved from the technology based on the VOICE ultra high-end headphone cable. Each part of the Endorphin high end headphone cable (conductive, semi-conductive and non-conductive) is meticulously treated to obtain the lowest resistance imposed on the audio signal and this cumulative effect offers significant results as far as sound quality improvements. Ergonomically, the VOICE and Endorphin are the most comfortable headphone cables ever built. It requires a tremendous amount of highly skilled labor to craft the Endorphin headphone cable which exemplifies are philosophy of taking the time to produce the highest quality and highest performing headphone cables as opposed to the high production, high profit – low performance headphone cables which have flooded the market.

To better understand our approach, we took a look at the cost of producing a typical high-end headphone amplifier. We were very surprised to find how little the parts and assemble costs of most of theses amps. were in relation to the $2000.00 to $10,000.00 selling price. In other words, it has become acceptable in audio to purchase and high-end amp for these prices but it is still considered by many unacceptable to purchase a high-end headphone cable costing considerable less which will offer greater improvements than the amps. for the following reasons:

– We are at the cutting edge of current technology with the VOICE and Endorphin
headphone cables. It will take time before the high-end user market purchases and
experiences the performance of these new cables (same scenario as when the
Equinox was introduced).

– The market is full of “off the shelf”, “make-shift” headphone cables which use inferior
designs and offer incomplete or minor improvements.

– Lack of understanding of what it really costs to produce a truly effective sound quality
improving headphone cable.

– Lack of experiencing how good any level headphone system sounds with properly
designed cabling (headphone, IC and power) and properly designed vibration control.

We understand that often times new products which offer something much more than all the other offering currently on the market (especially cables because there are a lot of mediocre ones claiming to do much more than they really do) will take some time until the benefits are justified and voiced by the consumer. Direct overwhelmingly positive feedback and zero returns from our customers has indicated the process is underway.

It happened 10 years ago when the Equinox was introduced until several reviews and user experience verified the benefits.

Another important fact is Stefan AudioArt headphone cables are built from the ground up offering soft ergonomic structures with conductive surfaces built to precise electrical and mechanical specifications and yield exceptional sound quality to the headphone performance.

We have also learned that upgrading to an Endorphin will improve the sound quality greater than a very expensive headphone amplifier due to the shortcomings of the stock cable. If you are happy with the improvements the Equinox offers the HD650’s, you will be even more pleased with the improvements the Endorphin offer the HD800.

The Endorphin offers significant and much needed improvements to all headphones and incorporating the proper power cables, IC’s and vibration control will take you to the highest level of listening.