System Cables

I have spent the better part of the last 30 years in the audio industry. My passion is reproducing sound, regardless of the source, so pure that even the most ardent skeptic will have a “jaw dropping” experience. Improving the quality of the best headphones on the market through modification and properly designed cables is where it all began. As mundane as it might sound, with soldering iron in hand I’ve spent the better part of my days experimenting with metals, conductive materials and testing literally hundreds of prototypes produced through my research and development. I’ve configured systems using the best components and tested every area with the “path” that could reduce performance. I assure you that if you keep the following in mind as you consider any upgrades for your headphone or audio system you will experience notable improvement:

• Don’t waste large amounts of money on the best components ignoring the fact that you stand to lose a significant amount of the quality you paid for in that particular component in the signal transfer (cables) between components. This is the result of improperly designed cables; lack of attention to vibration caused by the signal itself and the significant impact power can have on the final quality of the reproduction.

• I know this may sound harsh but based upon my tests, 95% of the cables on the market, even the most expensive cables, offer incomplete solutions to the overall improvement of the end sound. This is a result of poor design primarily focused on aesthetics as opposed to proven practices. I don’t want to mince words here, in every case we’ve found that 95% of the cables on the market today provide some improvement to the component it is directly connected to yet unfortunately compromises the system performance as a whole. A properly designed cable improves the individual component without introducing any additional negative characteristics which ultimately enhances the performance of the system and significantly improves the end sound.

• The performance of your system, the end quality of the sound will be enhanced as much as 3 fold by incorporating properly designed cables which includes performance power management and a vibration control platform for each of your components. (especially headphone and power cables) Call me bias but I guarantee that using the SAA Endorphin cable along with the Mapleshade vibration control platforms will deliver this level of improvement. We are so confident in this that we offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the performance. (Click here for more information.)

• Our research shows that you can spend as little as a third to a half of what you have budgeted on high priced components, introduce properly designed system cables and vibration control, and will get a much higher level of performance than the initial configuration could have produced with the higher priced components.

• Our customers discover that introducing our products into their system(s) allowed them to enjoy a high-end listening experience, regardless of the cost of the components. Those who had made expensive upgrades often felt that the upgrades were nothing more than an exercise in increasing the beauty of the components with limited improvement in performance. Following the introduction of our products they felt that for the first time they were truly enjoying the return on their investment that they expected when they made the purchase.

Another important fact is Stefan AudioArt Endorphin headphone/audio system cables are built from the ground up offering soft ergonomic structures with proprietary conductive surfaces built to precise electrical and mechanical specifications.

The Endorphin headphone system cables offer very significant and comprehensive improvements to all headphone/audio systems as when properly designed cables and vibration control are incorporated into your system(s) you will take your listening experience to the highest level.