SPL Phonitor 2 Ultra Modifications

The Phonitor 2 with our Endorphin high-end headphone system cables incorporated in a properly constructed headphone system which addresses the vibration of the current flowing through the circuits of the components and the vibration from the floor of the room using the www.mapleshaderecords.com platform system will allow true high-end performance from your carefully selected headphones. The Phonitor 2 offers a wonderful tube like quality and goes so deeply into the music conveying the music with emotion and soul equal to or beyond the top headphone amplifiers currently available.

The Phonitor sonic advantage is due to its innovative 120 volts reference technology based on handmade operation amplifiers. 120 volts corresponds to approximately four times the performance of standard analogue audio semiconductor technologies and twice that of the mot powerful designs. Through such 120 volts circuitry and processing the Phonitor’s performance levels are far beyond conventional designs in dynamic range and distortion levels, and the main technical specifications in music reproduction exceeds all known analogue or digital standards.

This in addition to the circuitry the Phonitor incorporates to correct the unnatural phenomena which occurs when listening to music with headphones makes listening a truly enjoyable experience as it will enhance all recordings and correct the ones which do not sound good or natural when listening with headphones.

More information on modifications for the Phonitor 2 coming soon.   Please email us cables@stefanaudioart.com or call 860-521-2563