Endorphin Wood Shell and Splitter Options

The Endorphin and VOICE line of headphone system cables are available with the finest Ebony and Cocobolo wood shells connectors which are meticulously crafted from the worlds finest grade of these two specialized woods and hand polished to an incredible finish.

The replacement of the standard connector shell with either an Ebony or Cocobolo wood shell dramatically improves the performance of our cables. Eliminating the high resistance the heavy standard connector shells impose on the current flow is a proven factor in purifying the signal yielding a cleaner, clearer performance from the headphone. Our connector wood shells are the equivalent to the elimination of the standard connector shell and are available in the follow two types of wood which have been selected for their unique properties.

Male and female xlr connectors for Headphone and IC cables

Balanced IC Endorphin wood shells 2 mid Brite 700Connector Shell Group 1A 700connector shell group 2 700

Our wood selection process is in the hands of one of the most talented craftsman from Mackenzie River valley Canada. Traveling to specific parts of the world several times a year the wood is meticulously selected for our specific application. The Ebony wood we require for our connector shells is hand selected from Western Africa and the Cocobolo from Central America and Southern India.

Ebony Grain 1A 85 C


The Ebony which SAA uses is extremely hard with a beautiful intense black grain with very small light brown strips.

cocobolo grain 1C crop


The Cocobolo we choose has a rich reddish-brown grain with dark brown strips.

In the selection process both are picked from large blocks of pre-cut wood which produce a clear musical tone. This insures the contact between the final crafted wood shell and the internal connector housing addresses the vibration caused by signal flow through the wire in the most musical fashion. Both woods are hand polished to a beautiful lustrous, glassy finish.

Cocobolo RCA shells Cocobolo XLR shells Ebony shells balance Endorphin

RCA Wood Set 1 large 800

Cocobolo RCA shells

Wood shells Cocob XLR 1A BW 700

Cocobolo XLR shells

Wood Option Large 1A 800

Ebony shells balance Endorphin