The E-Series

The E-Series picks up where our original Equinox audiophile headphone cable left off. The demand and global critical acclaim of our Equinox headphone cable provided the momentum we needed to further our dedication and fervent pursuit of delivering sound at the highest level your component is capable of producing. The Equinox quickly became our biggest selling product, a favorite for the artist, engineer or casual listener in the studio or (on the run, at home).

One Goal
Our focus continued to be to allow the listener to hear music as close to the true event of listening to a live band or orchestra possible… The E-Series incorporates a decade of R&D delivering improved performance and comfort.

Improved Durability
The E-Series incorporates improvements in durability, comfort and “industrial” functionality often required of a workhorse. At the same time, it has the ability to produce the highest quality sound. Bested only by the SAA Endorphin, the E-Series delivers sound quality surpassing all other options available on the market today.