VERTO Passive Transformer. Stefan AudioArt Ultra High-Performance Modification.


$979.00 $899.00


The Stefan AudioArt Modification for the AudioValue VERTO results in a significant sonic upgrade and is specifically designed to be used with a high-performance power amplifier. The modification includes the removal of front panel 1/4″ cable, our proprietary 3 stage treatment of the front speaker binding posts and all the internal components the VERTO.

If you intend to use the VERTO’s 1/4″ option we will replace the cable and connector with our Endorphin wire formula and multi-treated connector.

Price includes the cost of the Stock Verto.


The headphone market booming. There are exciting new high end models available. But one thing remains unchanged – STAX headphones are still one of the most appealing offers in the high end market. STAX is a strong brand with a long history. And we are convinced they have a secure future. Many audiophiles regard the SR-007 and SR-009 as the best headphones in the world.

So what about the amplifier offerings for STAX headphones? In case of a dynamic or planar headphone you have the choice, new headphone amps are announced every month. For STAX the market is different. You can choose the simple way and just order a STAX headphone amplifier. If you don`t like their sound, you tend to prefer something individual or look for one headphone amplifier driving your collection of STAX and also dynamic models the amount of options is very limited. Based on web research you will find a very few and also very expensive high end especially in the US market – often without distributors for other regions.

But who is offering a heaven`s gate model which is affordable and which can be used also for dynamic models ? This gap is now filled by our new electrostatic STAX box called VERTO – design and produced by AudioValve.


The passive box can be used together with AudioValve RKV II and RKV III tube based headphone amplifiers. There was a simple idea behind the VERTO. Why not use the transformer in step up mode to produce the high voltage for the STAX electrostatic headphones? The RKV models use one transformer per channel (impedancer) to drive low impedance headphones (< 100 Ohm). In the RKV III the transformers are mounted inside the case, for the RKV II the impedancer can be bought as a separate box. RKV II and III are regarded to belong to the best sounding headphone amps regardless of price, see many reviews all over the world. Please visit the AudioValve website for more details.

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