Endorphin Single-Ended Hardwired High-End Headphone Cable for Beyerdynamic T5p

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The Stefan AudioArt Endorphin is a new innovative high-end headphone cable which take our current E-Series audiophile headphone cable design to the next level with unrivaled performance and comfort and will outperform any other headphone cable on the market regardless of price.

The most important information we have gained in over 12 years of headphone cable design comes from our customers. Hundreds of serious listeners have reported back to us indicating that the sum of all the improvements offered by our audiophile, high-end and ultra high-end headphone cables translates into a unique emotionally involved listening experience with unrivaled realism and purity.

The heart of the Endorphin is a uniquely engineered conductive surface formula allowing the rich well balanced capabilities of the Beyer T5p to be experienced with impact and emotional involving characteristics. We designed and tested dozens of our own conductive surface formulas which consisted of the purest copper available combined with proprietary conductive enhancing material so the T5p would perform at the highest level possible with optimal user comfort. This approach opposes all other headphone cable manufacturers who just select “off the shelf” materials which in turn do not offer comprehensive solutions to sonic and ergonomic improvement.

The soul of the new SAA Endorphin is achieved by engineering a headphone cable with 90% less non-conductive material which lowers the resistance to the audio signal and increases the richness, clarity and definition across the audio spectrum. In addition the soundstage presentation opens-up to expose the listener to music which becomes truly engaging and captivating. Ergonomically, the structure of new Endorphin is light and soft which eliminates the micro-phonic characteristics normally associated with headphone cables.

Three Connector options are available each with optional Wood Splitters (see drop down menu above for all combinations) :

  • –  Multi-treated Neutrik Professional 1/4″ for connection to headphone amp.
  • –  Multi-treated Switchcraft Professional 3.5-mm for connection to headphone amp.
  • –  SAA Ebony/ Cocobolo Wood Shell 1/4″ for connection to headphone amp.

Our custom handmade/hand polished ebony/cocobolo wood 1/4″ connector will improve the sonic performance of the T5p headphones as it will present the music in a more natural/organic fashion, display greater transparency and reveal subtle inner detail.

No other headphone cable available is engineered for sonic performance and user comfort like the Stefan AudioArt Endorphin:

  • T5p specific conductive surface material
  • Soft, light weight custom braid-hovering structure
  • Specialized non-conductive component preparation
  • Hand Made Wood or Integrated flex splitter
  • Stefan AudioArt Custom 1/4″ or 3.5-mm connectors
  • Quiet zero micro-phonic structure
  • Unmatched built quality and appearance

Your T5p Headphones must be sent to Stefan AudioArt for the Endorphin headphone cable installation which is included in the price. After ordering you will receive an email with instruction and a date to ship your headphones to:

Stefan AudioArt
115 Grennan Road
West Hartford, CT 06107

The Endorphin High-End headphone cable is available in custom lengths. Please call 860-521-2563 or send an email to cables@stefanaudioart.com.

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  1. Terry Downey says:

    I received the T5ps in yesterday afternoon.

    I would like to thank you for the outstanding sound your cable provides these headphones. To be honest I was a little unsure if I was going to be happy with the T5p when I first purchased them when I initially compared them to my k702. I have been burning in the cable with music for around 22 hrs now and my first impressions of the cable upgrade is this:

    – Sound-field is beyond my k702 now which says a lot considering they are a open back design.

    – Imagery is perfect, I can hear everything in its place very easily.

    – Dynamics is great, much improvement over the stock cable.

    – Fullness and depth is absolutely jaw dropping, they make my k702 sound like tin cans.

    – Frequency response is sounding better and better every hour they burn in.

    From first listen I was concerned about the enormous bass and loss of treble content but after 3 hrs the bass began to subside and 22 hrs later the frequency response sounds very realistic and life like. Amazing

    Thank you again, I am glad I went with your judgement, I was seriously considering going with the HD800s first but I’m very happy you guided me to the t5p.

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