Headphone Cable Comparison Chart

  Sennheiser HD800                                                  Stock                      Endorphin Hardwired
  Cable Entry
Direct to each driver via connector. 16 soldering points – higher resistance,
reduced sound quality which yields compromised, unbalanced sound.

Direct to each driver – stock solder removed –
proprietary solder with treatment applied – rubber
strain relief removed – 8 solder points – lowest
 resistance currently available.
  Non-conductive Structure
Black soft cloth sheathing over thin rubber tubing over a thin white polyester
layer cover Teflon insulated conductors. This multi – layered configuration
moderately increasing signal resistance.
 NOTE: signal resistance contributes to loss in sound quality, soundstage, the richness of voice and instruments.
 Proprietary sheathing application
providing the least interaction between
conductive and non-conductive surfaces
to achieve the highest conductivity
  Conductive surface
Untreated high gauge (small conductive
surface) copper surrounded by Teflon,
polyester, rubber and cloth sheathing –
all contributing to signal resistance.

Proprietary, treated,  gauge specific
(optimal surface area for HD800) ultra-
pure copper – Floating design eliminating
90% of the dielectric typically found in
headphone cables yielding the purest
signal to the headphone drivers.
Comfortable medium-hard surface cloth –
rubber with slight resistance to movement.
Attractive black finish.
 Comfortable soft surface with minimum
resistance to movement. Attractive
black finish.
Very Good but can sound disoriented and
out of focus with certain recordings.

Excellent. Soundscape expands
separating voices and instrument
presenting the music as if listened
to in a well tuned concert hall –
emotionally engaging the listener as
does live music.
Good but a little weak and distant in
relation to the soundstage.
 Excellent. Deeper, richer with clear
definition and punch. Integration with the
midrange is now seamless offering natural
clarity between the two. One of the most
important improvements of Endorphin
Good. In balance and suited for the rest of
the frequency characteristics of this design  But with the stock cable less than optimal
with a “hard” delivery which contributes to
the over emphasized treble .
 Warmer – Excellent. Improves and stays
in balance with the bass and treble
improvements. This added dimension
adds a emotionally engaging factor which
really displays how wonderful the HD800’s
will perform.
Good but out of balance as it dominates
most recordings.

Excellent integration with low and mid-
range delivering balanced life like detail
with a full realistic balance. This
improvement offer the listener closer
association with the music.