Kuzma Stabi-S/Stogi-S Turntable System

Stefan AudioArt’s mission is to produce, support and enhance exceptional products that offer important improvements over the current high-end and ultra high-end technology.

The Kuzma Stabi-S/ Stogi-S system is the answer for vinyl aficionados who want true high-end analog sound reproduction.

Configured with “T” shaped solid brass cylinders and utilizing a decoupled motor
the Stabi-S incorporates beauty with a superb design to properly address critical vibration issues. Coupling the Stabi S to a four inch thick Mapleshade Maple Platform and applying the Mapleshade modification package offers significant improvements taking the Stabi-S with the Stogi-S tonearm to peak performance.

The Stogi-S arm is designed to perform
with the least amount of resonance and is significantly improved with the incorporation of the following superb components:

Soundsmith Phono Cartridge

Mapleshade Nanomount System

Mapleshade Record Coupling Sys

Mapleshade Tonearm Resonance Kit

The STABI S TURNTABLE design approach goes far beyond any turntable in its price range. Its unique shape and construction of solid brass rods, provide an extremely rigid connection to platter, bearing and tonearm support. There is no flat plate to resonate and transmit vibrations, only solid brass rods 50mm in diameter. A second brass rod provides stability and the two are clamped together in a T shape. The motor is housed independently in its own tower which dampens vibration of the motor itself. A ground, flat belt provides drive from the motor pulley to the subplatter.

The bearing is of highly polished, fine grain carbon steel with a one point contact, while the bearing sleeve is of a resin/textile material which has excellent damping, non resonant properties. With a mat on top and rubber insert underneath, the platter provides a stable non-resonant platform for records which, in addition, can be clamped.

An acrylic cover protects platter and tonearm while reflecting the turntable original shape. A 45 rpm adaptor is provided and is simply slipped over the 33 rpm pulley. The turntable can accommodate various tonearms by the use of different brass bases and it allows for VTA adjustment on any tonearm mounted.

The STOGI S TONEARM is of a unipivot design with a unique, rigid headshell made from a solid aluminum block and a base of solid brass which control all vibration and facilitate stability of the tonearm as a whole. All parts of the arm are machined from blocks of solid metal, in order to provide damping and minimize resonance. The polished pivot point is sited in an oil well, which provides extremely low friction and bearing vibration. The bearing height is at record level for optimum tracking. The silicone damping, controls resonance of the cartridge and also gives stability in azimuth direction.

Two counterweights allow easy adjustments of tracking force and azimuth. Fine azimuth adjustment is achieved by rotation of a horizontal screw in the counterweight, which does not affect other tonearm parameters and which makes adjustment very simple.

Wires are in one uninterrupted piece from headshell to RCA phono connectors. By special order, wiring can also be fitted in for balanced connection

For more information reference the STABI-S INSTRUCTION MANUAL or email us with any questions.

Also reference the Stabi-S PDF and Stogi-S PDF for more information.

Please note: the Kuzma is a non-returnable/non-refundable item but is cover by the 2 year limited manufacturer warranty.