E-Series Balanced Tail End Audiophile Headphone Cable for AKG K1000

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The AKG K1000 headphones are one of the finest headphones on the market. Their presentation is unique, offering the listener an experience unlike any other headphone. With carefully matched equipment, the K1000 headphones expose the listener to an incredibly live and transparent exhibition of sound. But, with the ten foot stock cable section that connects to the power amplifier, they are unable to deliver the world class sound their designers intended.

The Stefan AudioArt E-Series K1000 headphone cable is designed to offer a natural balance of frequencies. Within that balance, the listener will experience a fuller, deeper bass response, a sweeter/warmer midrange, clear non-fatiguing highs and an open-airy soundstage.

The E-Series Tail End K1000 headphone cable replaces the 10-ft tail end stock section that connects to the amplifier and simply connects to the stock section which is hardwired to the AKG K1000 headphones.

Why replace the 10-ft stock section? 

Because the stock section introduces considerable high frequency distortion due the due the materials incorporated and structural design. When the strands in the wire are not isolated from each other, the signal jumps from strand to strand, causing distortion which increases with length. In addition, the tight dielectric which covers the cable also adds to this distortion when the high frequencies come in contact. Total gauge and gauge variation are also factors. The high gauge and the selected gauge configuration used in the stock cable just does not transmit a balanced Endorphin of sound from an amplifier. The formula of strands used in the wire are not capable of capturing the true low frequencies, midrange and soundstage.

The 6-ft section that is hard wired to the AKG K1000 is subject to the same distortion, but by eliminating the10-ft stock section and replacing it with Stefan AudioArt’s carefully selected gauge configured cable, the two cables are now tuned to achieve a neutral balance with a significant increase in soundstage.

Sonically, the E-Series K1000 cable offers:

  • Significant increase in soundstage.
  • Added richness and extended lower frequencies.
  • Dramatically warmer mid-range.
  • Naturally balanced high frequencies.

Construction: 4-conductor quad-braid field geometry cable consisting of linear induced isolation constructed ultra pure copper enclosed with a Teflon/Oxygen dielectric finished in minimum absorption soft otter jacket. The E-Series headphone cable incorporates a new proprietary contact enhanced professional three pin male or female XLR connectors. The E-Series cable is assembled with a special handcrafted process which has been refined over many years and is designed to sonically meet the demands of a true audiophile.

Stefan AudioArt K-1000 cable received the following award from 6Moons.com:


The E-Series High-End headphone cable is available in custom lengths.

Please call 860-521-2563 or send an email to cables@stefanaudioart.com.

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